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-Exhibit of the Students of David Limrite-





“‘Figuratively Teaching’ celebrates the accomplishments of my devoted students. This is a wonderful opportunity for the hardworking artists that have spent time with me in one of my classes or workshops, to share with you the results of their hard work.

I am an artist first, however, I am passionate about teaching and helping artists be the best and most creative artists they can be. My mixed media figure drawing and painting classes are playgrounds that encourage artists to be curious about what a drawing or a painting can be. My classes are all about learning, mark making, decision making and risk taking.

All of this shows up in my students work, and for that, I am very proud.”

David Limrite


Melt Down - Patti Robbins 23x29

“Melt Down” – Patti Robbins

Blue Lipped Beauty - Christine Cortese 24x36

“Blue Lipped Beauty” – Christine Cortese

Bather - Diana Mulder 24x24

“Seated Nude” Diana Mulder

Geisha Girl by Rebecca Simmons 11x11

“Geisha Girl” – Rebecca Simmons

Marc - Marie Ramey

“Marc” – Marie Ramey

Between Acts1 small by arleen blake

“Between Acts” – Arleen Blake

Movement in the landscap - Abby Belknap

“Movement in the landscape” – Abby Belknap

My Guy - Ana Bass 28x36

“My Guy” – Ana Bass

Ready, Willing by KC Caldwell 22x30

“Ready, Willing” – KC Caldwell

Pam Seeley

“Quieting the Rage” Pam Seeley

Stay Awhile - Jeri Edwards 16x20

“Stay Awhile” – Jeri Edwards

Stitched by Kathie Jimison 19x25

“Stitched” – Kathie Jimison


“What If” – Kathy Spencer Canepa

Cathy Bettencourt 15x22

“Day Dream” Cathy Bettencourt

Marsha, Labor Day 2014 - Tracy Paz 33x21

“Marsha, Labor Day 2014” – Tracy Paz

Rebecca Geddes 10.5x13

“Looming (sketchbook)” Rebecca Geddes

Sharon Carro 18x24

“Day One” Sharon Carro

Susan Burgunder 25x30

“Sitting Woman” – Susan Burgunder

Untitled - Patricia Soenke 23x31

“Untitled” – Patricia Soenke

Urban Decay - Sharon Harris 30x24

“Urban Decay” – Sharon Harris


We will be closed Sunday May 27th and Monday May 28th 2018
In honor of Memorial Day


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1/2 PRICE?


Watercolor journals, dot grid, sketch, and more!





Etty went to a trade show and couldn’t pass up on this deal!








Art Central is excited to have
a new oil painting workshop
with Susan Jenkins

Rooster image

Oil Painting Workshop with Susan Jenkins: Rooster on 16”x20” Canvas
Sunday June 10th, 12:30 – 5:00pm
Fee: $75.00

Learn to paint in oil by following along with me as I create a rooster on 16”x20” canvas.  We will draw it in with thinned paint, using odorless thinner. I teach an easy, fast, measuring technique. We will then paint it in with our oils. I do not use a medium.  This class will be about painting a rooster, measuring and drawing and painting!  All levels are welcome.
Paint colors used:  Cad yellow light (I use Azo yellow Graham you may use the yellow of your choice. Cad orange.  Yellow ochre. Naphthol red or cad red.  Alizarin Crimson.  Dioxazine purple.  Ultra-Marine blue.  Phthalo blue.  Ivory black.  Burnt umber.  Titanium white.
Brushes:  2,4,6, Bristle filbert
You will need:  Odorless thinner.  Paper towels.  Palette and palette knife for mixing as needed.  See you there!!
To Enroll, Contact Susan Jenkins by email:

Don’t miss out on this chance to
learn oils from a great artist and teacher!
Sign up today!

Tracy Taylor’s
workshop is almost here…
Don’t miss out on your chance
to paint, learn and play
with this amazing artist.

Tracy Taylor Watercolor sm

Under-watercolor Workshop with Tracy Taylor
Saturday June 2nd, 11am – 2pm
Fee: $40

It’s time to paint with water-colorist Tracy Taylor!  It’s an Art Party: I draw it and you paint it!  For the more advanced, I will have a still life set up. Cost includes all materials (the same as I work with) and we will turn the volume up!
Maximum of 14 students.
To enroll, contact Tracy Taylor by phone: 805-704-5690

There are only 2 spots left!
Sign up today!


We hosted three amazing workshops this weekend!

Friday morning began with a team building event for Cal Poly Housing. Everyone had a blast getting creative together! 



In the afternoon we had a full classroom for “Breaking Down the Basics” with Drew Davis. In this 3 hour acrylic painting workshop, Drew shared his creative process and the results were incredible! The class had an amazing time sipping on margaritas while creating vibrant, energetic paintings. 




We wrapped up the weekend with Rochelle Neimerow’s “Sculpting A Human Bust” a two-day workshop that teaches the process of basic forms and facial features, so that you can create a bust from your imagination! The class was a huge success — each person created their own unique bust and had a great time learning and working beside one another! 


Art Central is happy to host
another Drew Davis
Acrylic Painting Workshop

Drew Davis June 3rd

Acrylic painting workshop with Drew Davis: “Breaking Down the Basics”
Sunday, June 3rd, 12:30-3:30pm.
Fee: $45 per person

Drew has over 16 years experience as a professional artist and 4 years of teaching Art workshops. In this 3 hour acrylic painting workshop, Drew will break down his creative process used to construct his vibrant, energetic abstract paintings.  We will explore how to use contrast, shapes and colors to create interesting forms.  He will share various techniques in how to use color and brush strokes to create movement, balance and energy.  This class is for all skill levels!  We will be working mostly from our imaginations — but you are welcome to bring your own images for inspiration of shape and color.  We will be doing several small warm-up pieces and one larger. Paints, brushes and other materials will be provided. Canvas and additional materials can be purchased at Art Central. Snacks will be provided and you are welcome to BYOB. Come join the fun!
Contact Drew for questions or register at  by phone: 805-234-2302, or email:

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity
to learn the basics of acrylic paint.
Sign up today! 

Art Central is proud to host
an alcohol ink workshop
with Shirley Horacek

Shirley Horacek Alch ink1


Shirley Horacek – “Flower Power – Using Alcohol Inks with Line Deign”
Saturday, June 9th, 1:30-4:30 pm
Fee: $25

Alcohol inks and Yupo are a perfect combination for creating flowing bursts of color that will blossom into bright flowers or plants with the addition of white Posca Pen lines. This workshop is pure fun, easy and rewarding.  Most materials will be provided.  Students need only to provide/purchase a white Posca pen with a fine point or point of your choice.  
Contact Shirley Horacek for questions or registration by phone: (805) 929-1614 or email:

Don’t miss out on this chance to
learn a fun and exciting mixed media process.
Sign up today!

Why use black in a painting? We thought we’d share this informative article from Gamblin:

Black quickly and effectively creates shades, however the strong mixing strength and/or temperature of some blacks can be difficult to control in nuanced color mixing. The relative opacity, tinting strength, and color temperature of a black all influence how it will behave on our palettes and in our paintings.

Gamblin makes six different blacks, each with their own unique characteristics:

gamblin blacks

Ivory Black

The most commonly used black, made from burnt bone (sometimes called bone black). It is semi-transparent, has a moderate tinting strength, and doesn’t overwhelm mixtures. Overall it is a good mixing black, however if you find that it dulls mixtures a bit too much, try chromatic black.

Mars Black

Mars black is a synthetic iron oxide. It is very opaque and has a strong tinting strength, making it a bit overwhelming in color mixtures. It is useful when you want a strong, opaque black straight from the tube (think Franz Kline or the German Expressionists).

Black Spinel 

One of the most unique blacks, Black Spinel has a dense texture and dries to a very matte appearance, almost like slate, when no painting mediums are added. It also remains quite neutral. * 

*Because it is a series 4 color ($24.95), Gamblin does not include it in their display so we don’t stock it.  However, our distributors do, and we’re happy to special order it for any customers that wish to use it.  Like all of our in-stock Gamblin oil paints, our members will receive a 25% discount on it.  Delivery would be less than 1 week.

Chromatic Black

Developed by Robert Gamblin, Chromatic black is unique to Gamblin.

For some painters, black straight from the tube has been discouraged. As an alternative, many painters choose to mix their own black. Some good examples are Sap green and Alizarin Crimson or Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. Chromatic Black was developed in the spirit of a mixed black, made by mixing two modern organic colors, Phtalo Emerald (warm green) and Quinacridone Red (cool red). When mixed, these two colors pass right through the middle of the color wheel to produce a rich black, perfect for creating cleaner shades of colors. Because of its transparency, it is the darkest black on the color palette and is ideal for mixing with other transparent colors when you don’t want to lose their transparency.

gamblin black2

Van Dyke Brown

The contemporary permanent version of  the historical color and the warmest black on the palette. It is made with iron oxide and is semi-transparent. Great for creating shades of skin tones.

Payne’s Grey 

When mixed with white, Payne’s grey creates the color of storm clouds. The Ultramarine Blue in its formula makes it the coolest black on the palette. It is semi-transparent, great for capturing the coolness of shadows.

Larry Le Brane’s
Drawing Workshop
is just a week away!

1Larry Le Brane_BW Drawing_ pencil

Drawing Foundation Series with Larry Le Brane: The Magic of Line
Thursday May 24th, 5 – 8pm
Fee: $45

Learn the use of line contour with visual devices to achieve the illusion of “deep space” on a 2-dimensional plane. Explore composition placement. Includes individual feedback & group critique. Larry Le Brane’s “Drawing Foundation Series”: 4 Mini-Classes, each session focuses on specific fundamental drawing skills, learning how to ‘see differently.’ Take only 1 or all sessions. 4 Student minimum. Beginning skill levels. Students get a Material List when class is confirmed.
To enroll: Contact

This is just the first of a series of 4 drawing workshops.  Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from a talented and experienced instructor.  Sign up today!