Ok, so I guess I need to join the 21st century …  I keep hearing over and over that I need to have “Facebook”  linked to Art Central, so here we go – Can you help me to get the word out?  Let your friends know we’ve got a facebook page, and I’ll try to master it  – can’t be too difficult, right?

Our first “Cavort with Color” workshops for August are nearly full – this is exciting!  If you are interested in teaching one, please let me know. 

Thanks so much to all of you who have been coming in and giving us such great recommendations to your friends.  Every day someone new comes in and tells me how excited they are to see us (and more importantly, all our great supplies & our beautiful gallery). 

Some of the latest products to come in?  Holbein WATERSOLUBLE oils, Lyra Polycolor pencils, Tombow Markers, Arches watercolor board packs (great for plein aire and travel!), more children’s supplies…  and still more to come –

on order… colored Microns, more artist panels by Ampersand (Gessobord, Aquabord, Pastelbord…),  DaVinci BIG watercolor tubes, a wider selection of canvas rolls & stretched canvas, linen canvas boards, Inktense colored pencil assortment, Colour Shapers, different colored foamboard….

And of course, with Back to School just a couple of weeks away, I’m ordering truckloads of erasers, charcoal, drawing pads….

See you soon! 

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