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Sneaky “BLOGGERS-ONLY” deal! Thru Christmas Eve!

Hi, Bloggers!   You deserve a reward for following my blog!  How would you like an extra discount on ANY set in the store?

Even if it’s on sale, you’ll get an extra 10%!

If you are a member, you’ll get your regular discount PLUS 10%!

Doesn’t matter if it’s a pastel set, a paint set, a pencil set, a brush set, a marker set, a kid’s set…  get an extra 10%…..How cool is that?!!

Here’s the catchYOU HAVE TO TELL US TO GIVE YOU THE EXTRA DISCOUNT – if you don’t mention it, you won’t get it!!!!!

PS – don’t forget that we have a great selection of gorgeous wooden artist easels in stock  for the holidays – and they are 40% off ’til Christmas Eve!

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