Happy*New*Year Blog Sale! XTRA 10 – 20% on select items

***** hi, Bloggers *****

Here’s a bit of temptation for you – thru the end of this week – (til December 31st … don’t forget we close at 3pm on the 31st!!!)

*** Winsor Newton Series 7 watercolor brushes – usual members discount is 40% –  get 60% off!!!

*** Gallery Wrap Stretched Canvases – usual members discount is 35% get 55% OFF!

*** Mi-Tientes Sheets – usual members discount is 30%get 50% off!

*** Mi-Tientes Boards – usual members discount is 25%get 45% off!

*** All items on clearance – take an extra 10% off Clearance price!!!

***Please note…  These discounts are for members only!

1 thought on “Happy*New*Year Blog Sale! XTRA 10 – 20% on select items”

  1. I’ll be there to check the deals and to ask about some regular stock items. No answer requested, but DAMN! you’re discounts are deep.

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