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Jo-Neal Boic’s FREE Watercolor DEMONSTRATION! Don’t miss it… May 10th!

       We are delighted that Jo-Neal is doing this demo for us – we want to offer a watercolor class with her, and this is the perfect opportunity to meet her and see her teaching style!  Please join us here at Art Central on Thursday, May 10th at 2pm for an introduction to this special lady’s talent.  Read what she has to say about her art, as well as a testimonial to her skills, below!

We would appreciate knowing if you’ll be attending, since space is limited.  Please call us at 805 747-4200, or e-mail us at

… Jo-Neal writes:  “My art is about what touches my heart and piques my interest.” Jo-Neal has been painting in watercolors for the last 23 years and has been a teacher for more than 30 years. When she began to paint, she returned to school so that she might teach art/painting. She studied at local colleges in Santa Cruz county and then headed to Florence, Italy where she spent the better part of a year studying at a private art school. When she took an early retirement nearly six years ago, she had been teaching art/painting for the last 12 years. She is new to this part of the central coast, having moved here from Santa Cruz County this past July. She participated in SLO county Open Studios in October and from this experience she met the students who are now studying with her at her home in Nipomo. Jo-Neal enjoys painting a variety of subject matter but is especially drawn to nature. She loves color and strives to create drama in her work by pushing values to extremes. She will share examples of some of her work, speak of her inspiration and demonstrate techniques she applies in her work.

…And a word from Art Central’s Lauren Birkhahn, an extremely talented artist and a capable teacher in her own right!  …  “Hello Artsy folks!  I went to Jo Neal Boic’s demo with the Atascadero Art Association a few weeks ago. I was curious about her techniques after I saw images of her outrageously vibrant, expressive yet controlled watercolor paintings. She has a lot to share about her materials, techniques, resources, and how when where why she paints!  She uses watercolor in a precise yet dynamic way. I was charmed by her practical and at-ease presentation. I really recommend you come out for her demo!”   Signed: Art Supply Obsessed,   Lauren

Last days of “Fur, Feathers and Fins”!!!

Hi all – this is just a reminder that this very special exhibit will be coming down early next week, to make room for “UNDERWATER DREAMS” – If you haven’t already come in to see this show, please do – it’s a great exhibit – over 100 pieces by about 60 artists – and 50% of the proceeds go to 2nd Chance at Love Humane Society!  Help us to make this fundraiser a smashing success!   Pick up a piece of art for yourself or for your animal-lover friends! 

And if you haven’t already, please contact us at if you have a piece of art for “Underwater Dreams” – we’ll be hanging the show next Wednesday!



No, it didn’t FALL off the truck!  It’s perfectly legit – and great to stimulate your creativity, too!

Many of you LOVE the brown “Bogus” pads – We’ve been out for a while, but we just got in a new shipment … 9×12 pads, 9×18 pads, and NEW… 18×24 padsGREAT for life drawing!

PLUS… That same great paper is also in hardbound spiral sketchbooks!   6×9, 9×9, and 9×12!  How can you NOT get creative with this stuff?!!!

Another new item… just in time for EARTH DAY!!!  Hardbound spiral  “Tree-Free” Drawing paper – made from sustainable plant fibers & recycled paper – 2 sizes:  6×9 & 9×9!

Next bit of excitement… just ordered the complete color line of R&F Encaustics in the 104ml size…  can’t wait til they get here…!

Next item to be ordered is the 2nd half of the Schminke Pastel display …  yum, yum…..

And the annual Art Materials trade show is 3 weeks away … what will I find then???

Happy painting!



For our ENCAUSTIC classes, we put the wrong e-mail for Flo Bartell – if you’ve been trying to reach her, I apologize!  The correct e-mail to sign up for her classes:  

Also – don’t forget to e-mail us at if you want to be at her demo next Saturday (4/21), from 1-3pm.  

I will be ordering the R & F Encaustic 104ml cake display next week – I’ve been wanting it for AGES, and I’m finally able to do it!!!  Hopefully I’ll have it by the end of the month!

Some of our other classes still have spaces available – remember that if you sign up early, you can get the “earlybird” discount – call or e-mail the teachers ASAP!

Please continue to spread the word about our “FUR, FEATHERS & FINS” fundraiser – We did really well for Art After Dark, but there is still a lot of wonderful art here and we haven’t reached our goal for 2nd Chance at Love yet!  I want to be able to write them a nice big check at the end of the month!

And, last but certainly not least, remember that our May show is titled “Underwater Dreams” – for more info, or to submit a piece for the show, e-mail us at

Thanks!  etty


Encaustic Demo … WOW!

What the heck is Encaustic painting, anyway?   Come see the magic of this ancient medium on Saturday, April 21st, from 1-3pm with Flo Bartell, and find out!

Inspired largely by nature and the human form, Flo enjoys expressing her view of the world through the texture and intense colors possible with  encaustic – wax medium and pigments. Her paintings have been accepted into amateur and professional juried exhibits & have appeared on magazine covers.

Please let us know if you will be attending this demo – space is limited!

PS – Yes, of course it’s free!

Call for Artists – UNDERWATER DREAMS…

Art Central Gallery’s MAY exhibit will be called UNDERWATER DREAMS” – and the theme, of course, will be anything under water!  Use your fabulous imaginations and help us to put together another super show! 
To submit, please e-mail us at, and tell us the medium and size of your piece of work.  Please e-mail us for more info regarding entry fees, drop-off dates, etc.