No, it didn’t FALL off the truck!  It’s perfectly legit – and great to stimulate your creativity, too!

Many of you LOVE the brown “Bogus” pads – We’ve been out for a while, but we just got in a new shipment … 9×12 pads, 9×18 pads, and NEW… 18×24 padsGREAT for life drawing!

PLUS… That same great paper is also in hardbound spiral sketchbooks!   6×9, 9×9, and 9×12!  How can you NOT get creative with this stuff?!!!

Another new item… just in time for EARTH DAY!!!  Hardbound spiral  “Tree-Free” Drawing paper – made from sustainable plant fibers & recycled paper – 2 sizes:  6×9 & 9×9!

Next bit of excitement… just ordered the complete color line of R&F Encaustics in the 104ml size…  can’t wait til they get here…!

Next item to be ordered is the 2nd half of the Schminke Pastel display …  yum, yum…..

And the annual Art Materials trade show is 3 weeks away … what will I find then???

Happy painting!


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