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Too much to do…

So ….  you know we’re getting ready to remodel, and that means we have enough to do without re-pricing all the sets, easels, and drafting tables that went on sale for Christmas…  we’re going to leave everything on sale through the end of the week! 

Hope you can take advantage!


Holiday hours!

hi, all!  We have SO many paint sets, kits, and furniture on sale for the holiday, you can’t imagine!  Most of the sale prices are better than our member discounts, and you don’t need to be a member to take advantage!   And don’t forget that our “Little Treasures” exhibit is up through December 28th – we have so many beautiful & unique gift items – come see them!
We’ll be here 10-5pm through Saturday, and I will be in the store for a few hours on Sunday afternoon for those of you who can’t make it otherwise!  12pm to about 3pm.
On Monday, Christmas Eve, we’ll be closing around 3pm.  We have gift wrap and can help you get some wrapping done, if you’re desperate, too!

Please note that the gallery will be closed from December 30th to about January 10th, as we remodel.  If you have unsold work in our “Little Treasures” show, we will ask that you pick it up on Saturday, 12/29, if possible.  If you can’t pick it up on that day, please pick it up on Friday the 28th, or call me to discuss.

We wish you and yours a VERY happy holiday, and a wonderful and creative new year…

See you soon!

Wednesday – Saturday 12/19 – 12/22  10am – 5pm

Sunday – 12/23   noon – (about) 3pm

Christmas Eve – 12/24 10am – 3pm

Christmas Day – Closed 🙂

Wednesday – Saturday 12/26 – 12/29 10am – 5pm

Sunday 12/30 Closed

Monday, New Year’s Eve 10am – 3pm

Tuesday, New Years Day  Closed

Wednesday – Saturday 1/2 – 1/5  Store is open 10-5pm, but we will be REMODELING…  please be patient with us!

Art Central’s NEW WEBSITE

We are SO excited to announce our new website!

Circle Art Central Logo


PS – Eimi gets ALL the credit for this incredible achievement – it’s something I’ve wanted to do from day 1, but who has the time?  (And in my case, the aptitude?!!!)  So when you see her, let her know just how spectacular you think the site is!  And PLEASE share it with your friends!!!

HO, HO, HO!!!

Hi, everyone!

I’ve been a busy girl, playing Santa’s art-supply elf … It’s SO much fun finding new and cool stuff for the store! 

As we did last year, we are putting ALL of our “BEST” wooden easels on sale – 40% off!  (and some other brands, too!)   AND – once again there is a manufacturer rebate on the BEST easels, on TOP of our sale price.  SAY WHAT?!!!

Logan just assembled several of these beauties –  put a ribbon on ’em and they’re ready to go!

From this incredible “Santa Fe”…


to the simple yet elegant “Navajo”…


and these adorable children’s easels are on sale, too!


Plus, we’ve gotten in a selection of drafting tables, print racks, taborets, as well as gift sets for all ages and abilities!

(PSSST… Lots more than what is pictured… & many of them are sale-priced lower than our standard member discount prices!)


Please know that we’re going to be E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G the store!  The first week of January, the place is going to be a crazy mess, as we move the wall that separates gallery from store.  We will be open for business, but I gotta tell you, it might be a bit tough to find what you want if you’re looking for oil paint, watercolors, or anything else that currently sits on those shelves!  You might just want to try to make it in before January 3rd!

We hope to do the re-model within 2 days – at least that’s my goal…  but we will ask you to be patient with us during that first week.  Growing pains, right?

But yes, that’s right, we are expanding BECAUSE we’re doing great, and it’s all because you are SO supportive of us!  Especially during the holiday season, I really want to thank all of you for being our customers – you’re helping us become the the best store & gallery that we can be!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday, & hope it’s full of joy, love and laughter –

Etty, Lauren, Logan, Tara, Eimi & Margaret