Your Creativity – Our Supplies!

So, the remodel is done!  It is looking so good – everything has been reorganized, and we got some extra lighting – you’ll finally be able to see some of those colors without straining your eyes!

Plus, now we have room to bring in some more product!  What, you ask?  Watch and see what shows up on the shelves!

IMG_3840          IMG_8027

   IMG_5428          IMG_6397              

PS – our 2nd anniversary is next month, and we will be celebrating!  Details will follow in the next couple of weeks! 

Comments on: "We think it looks AWWWWWESOME!!!" (4)

  1. Looks great Etty! I’m sending some new clients up there to shop, Chrissy and Paul Allen. I gave them a list and told them you could help them. Call e if you have any questions! Thanks, Sheryl

  2. It looks great, Etty!

  3. Marilyn Grizzell said:

    SO Cool Babycakes:)

  4. nancyebecker said:

    Looks great, Etty!! Miss you and SLO!

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