our August exhibit is…

I couldn’t really come up with a great title, and I could use some help here! 

The idea is to have a show about figurative art, but I want artists to feel really free about how they approach it.  So the lame title that I gave it… “Reverse Portraiture”, doesn’t truly convey what I want it to.  I am hoping to get really inventive figurative work, whether it is realistic or abstract, an X-ray, a macro-view – the possibilities are just endless!  But can you help give us a title that will make more sense than mine?

If we pick your title, you won’t pay an entry fee for this show!  

(Incentive?  Bribery? !)

Please e-mail us at artcentral1329@yahoo.com with your suggestion!  We need it this week, please!

Thanks –


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