CALL for Artists! August Show: “FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING”

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed in ideas and suggestions – there were two really super popular titles – one was the above, & the other was “Go Figure”!

I couldn’t decide, so I flipped a coin!

The first person who responded with the title “Figuratively Speaking” will get the free entry, and I’ll let her know by e-mail.  For the rest of you that came up with that title, I’ll give you a special price on your entry for this show. 

We are looking for your spectacular artwork for this show – be it portraiture, or a skeleton, a solitary figure or a whole crowd – what can you share with us?  We look forward to your participation!

To download the entry form for this exhibit, please click here: Figuratively Speaking 2013

thank you!

PS – Remember – Please let us know that you’ll be entering something in the show by e-mailing us at, and if you can, send us a jpeg to use in our advertising!


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