Your Creativity – Our Supplies!

‘Mythological Mischief’

Legends, Gods, Myths, and Fantasy…

Check out the explosion of imaginary creatures and mythological figures by local fine artists.

crowacrylicpainting-Ben Bridger

“Crow” -Ben Bridger

Killing an Abominable Snowman-Dan

“Killing the Abominable Snowman”- Dan O’Connor


“Fertile Bed” – Rosey Rosenthal

Sirens_Survivors-Nico Vandenheuvel

“Sirens & Survivors”- Nico Vandenheuvel

MY Leda and the Swan oil 40 x 30 Patricia Robins

“My Leda and the Swan”- Patricia Robbins

Unicorn A -Dianne Burke

“Unicorn A”- Dianne Burke

photo-Hilary Saner

“From the Pantheon of Lesser Gods:  ASPIRA – The Goddess of Hope in Unpromising Situations” – Hilary Saner  

Mother Nature-Betty Scanlan

“Mother Nature”- Betty Scanlan

Come support the Artists!

 Art After Dark here at Art Central

This Friday, Sept. 6th 6-8pm

Show runs Sept.5- Oct. 1

Hope to see you!

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