What’s a Buddha Board?

Have you tried a Buddha Board?

 Buddha Board
This unique board provides you with a Zen-like painting experience unlike any other.  It features a surface that allows you to paint on it with just water, leaving fluid, expressive dark strokes that fade away slowly, leaving you with a clean blank slate once again. It ‘s great for practicing brush strokes, testing paintbrushes, and creating spontaneous temporary artwork.

Buddha Board 2
Let your brush flow freely, without regard for lasting results… it is a great way to allow yourself the freedom and joy of a fleeting moment.
Buddha Boards encourage you to focus on the present and the enjoyment of creation. Each Buddha Board comes with a Sumi brush and self-contained water reservoir. Live and paint in the moment!

buddha Board 3
We just got our shipment…  Come on in and check ’em out!

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