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So… What exactly is happening on Saturday?

Our doors will open at 10am sharp, & the first 50 folks will get a great gift bag – all kinds of goodies! 

And we’ll have other giveaways all day long, as well!

DEMO / PLAY-STATIONS – see the products, and try them!

MORNING:  New Derwent XL BLOCKS – charcoal or graphite, chunky & solid in your hand – wait till you try these!  And you can try them together with the Derwent Inktense Pencils– a watercolor-like pencil.    From sensitive line work and subtle blending, to expressive marks and deep tonal work, the XL Blocks are both smooth and refined. Water can be added to the graphite blocks to create splashes and washes.  The Inktense pencils are lightfast, water-soluble ink stick pencils that can be mixed with water to create colorful, fluid, ink-like effects. Once dry they will not dissolve!  VERY cool stuff – and we’ll have a bunch out for you to play with!

NOON  Come see Libby Tolley demonstrate her incredible oil-painting skills on our new Cottonwood Panel Notebooks – ask questions, observe, and be awed!   Plus, you will have the opportunity to try out these wonderful notebooks, too!  They are PERFECT for plein-air painting.      “Libby’s work is set apart from that of most other artists because her paintings convey
 a spiritual element that she finds in the landscape that surrounds her. This gives
 them a depth and appeal that transcends beauty. Like a good novel or great music, you can go back to them and enjoy them again and again. In other words, Libby is in love with the local landscape…and it shows.”  —   Mark Sarrow, Collector, Sonoma, California 2010  —   American Art Collector Magazine 2010.   (Libby is the author of “Oil Painter’s Solution Book”, of which we have a limited quantity in stock.  If you’d like an autographed copy, this is your opportunity!)

EARLY AFTERNOONJacquard Silk Paints – try all kinds of different techniques – salt, alcohol, spatter, and blend, and make yourself a beautiful hand-painted silk handkerchief!   These colors are true dyes, so that when the silk is decorated, it retains its natural luster and soft texture. These rich beautiful colors can be blended or thinned to obtain virtually any desired hue or shade.   They are lightfast, odorless, non-toxic, contain no alcohol and can be hand washed or dry-cleaned.

AFTERNOON:  Pebeo Fantasy Paints will satisfy the magpie in you!  This craft paint allows for the creation of effects that mimic the appearance of precious metals, stones or marble. It’s great on nearly every surface, including glass, metal, ceramic, wood and more.  Apply with a brush, dropper or pour directly from the bottle to obtain stone-like effects.  Create contrasting effects ideal for the design of jewelry and other decorative art pieces. Dries shiny, hard and enameled in appearance.  We’ll have a variety of surfaces that you can try the paint on – come prepared to play!

ALL DAY – different play-stations set up with R&F Oil Sticks, New Playcolor Tempera Sticks, Montana Paint Markers, and more!

And what deals will we have, you ask?  DaVinci WatercolorsGaleria BrushesDrafting TablesEasels, R&F Sticks, Montana Spray & Markers, XL Blocks, Select Frames, Select Sketchbooks, Silk Paint, Fantasy Paints, and more!  Plus, we’ll have a deal on new memberships & membership renewals!  (and if you renew your membership and bring in a friend who gets a new membership, you get an even better deal!)

Make sure you also visit our gallery, where our Art Central Staff exhibit “Yeah, We’re Artists Too!” is still on display until next Tuesday.    Also view the wonderful work of our gallery artists:  Chet Amyx, Guyla Amyx, Flo Bartell, Eileen Braun, Dave Coronel, Deborah Hobbs, Carrie Meadows, Cheryl Rodgers, Paula Schroeder, Gail Sheley-Davenport, Hilda Vandergriff & myself – aka Etty Klinger.

We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished in 3 years – please come and celebrate with us –   10am – 5pm  THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1st!

Etty, Eimi, Margaret, Debbie, Shauna, Will & Nicole

CALL FOR ARTISTS for our March exhibit!


hi, y’all – are you ready to give us your most vibrant art that relates to Spring?  Especially Spring on the Central Coast?

(Lets hope that we actually get some rain soon, so we do get that wonderful color!)

Take in will be March 5th, Art After Dark is March 7th from 6-8pm, and the show will go through April 1st (no fooling!)

Please download entry form: A Riot of Color March 2014  (PDF version:  A Riot of Color March 2014and bring with your artwork on March 5th

And………..  Please, please, PLEASE … if you can, send us a JPEG of your work to use in our advertising! 


FEB 1ST – Our 3rd anniversary!


Please Join us at Art Central’s THIRD ANNUAL ANNIVERSITY EVENT…
FEBRUARY 1st 10am – 5pm!
1329 Monterey Street, SLO

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we opened our doors – what a whirlwind!

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things you say to us, and of your appreciation for what we do!

We’ve been working hard to set up an amazing anniversary event for you, and we really hope you’ll make an effort to stop by – let us say THANK  YOU in the way that most people like – with giveaways, demonstrations, the opportunity to try new products, and savings GALORE!

 We’ve recently completed another remodel and expansion of our store – come check it out!


Thanks to our very generous manufacturers, our first 50 customers will be the lucky recipients of great gift bags with lots of fun art supplies to try!


We will be having demonstrations all day, and opportunities to play!   Try a myriad of products…  Derwent XL Sticks, Inktense Pencils, R & F Paint Sticks, Pebeo Prisme Paints, and much more! 

  hands-demo shot

As we have in the past, we will also offer a great deal on renewing your membership, and an even BETTER deal if you bring in a friend who gets a new membership! 

And… the amazing LIBBY TOLLEY will be giving a special oil painting demonstration on new Cottonwood canvas panel books at 1pm – don’t miss out!

Here’s a sneak preview on some of the day’s MEGA-deals!

BEST Oak Easels and Print Racks 50% OFF
All drafting Tables 40% OFF
Montana Gold Spray Paint, buy 4 get 1 FREE  (plus 20% off for members!)
Montana Markers, buy 4 get 1 FREE
Derwent XL Sticks and Sets 15% OFF
  …and more!

Halley 880600        montana display     Alvin Onyx

(Don’t forget… no rain checks on these deals… come early for best selection!)

Thank you for your patronage and your kind words – we appreciate it!


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Yeah, We’re Artists, Too!

Please join us Friday, January 3rd from 6-8pm at Art Central, and see what kind of art we do, when we’re not working at the store!

Shauna   shauna

Debbie  debbie

Will  will

Eimi   eimi - Pride

Margaret  2013-11-14_14-30-03_193

Etty   830 velvet sky  6x9

Our exhibit will run through February 4th – We hope you can join us for our opening, but if not, please stop in during our regular hours!