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This is the last week for July HOT Deals!!!

 If you haven’t seen it yet, or just need a reminder, Art Central is having some screaming deals till the end of July!
Look at all the great products featured!

8×8 canvas’ and panels




FW Inks


Solar Fast

Sol one

Americana All Surface

Am one

Gamblin’s 1980 Oils


Jack Richeson Pastel Assortments

Jack Richeson Pastels

Jack Richeson Gessoed Hardboard

Gesso Boards

Clear Carve sheets

Clear Carve Lino

MD Decorative Metal Sheets

Decorative Metal Sheeting

This is the last week for these awesome deals so come on in and don’t miss out!!!

See our previous post for details.

(Sorry, no additional student or member discounts!)


We Brought Out Our Wild Side!!


Drawing animals & sipping on wine, lets just say we had a little fun!

We’re happy to be able to make a donation to Second Chance at Love animal rescue from our animal drawing workshop lead by the beautiful artist and animal lover Deborah Hintergardt. A BIG thanks to all who joined us on Saturday and donated to the organization that brings a second chance to animals who have had a rough start at life.

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We’ve changed our gallery e-mail address!

New Email!

We have decided to make the jump from yahoo to gmail!  You can contact us at our new gallery email at with any regards to our gallery shows and events.  To insure that our new email isn’t being directed to your spam folder please add us to your contacts in your email (or change our email in your contacts) and we can keep in touch!

Etty & the the staff here at Art Central

Get Ready for the Wax Effects Show!

Art Central is Proud to Present

“Wax Effects”

Artists from the East to the West Coast have been selected to show their best encaustic work here at Art Central Gallery!  Showing for the month of August, this juried exhibit is bringing some amazing talent to San Luis Obispo… don’t miss the opportunity to see exceptional work from the world of encaustics!

Artists Reception will be held Friday, August 1st, 6-8pm, during Art After Dark.  We hope to see you here!

Trisha Ramsay - Folding Forms 1 16x16 $500
Trish Ramsey – “Folding Forms 3 1st Place Winner!

Ahavani Mullen - Tenderly 20x16 $850
Ahavani Mullen – “Tenderly” 2nd Place Winner!

Kay Klose - Pattern language 3 12x12Kay Klose – “Pattern Language 3” 3rd Place Winner!

Andree-Anne Laberge - Viel De Fue 20x10 $250Andree-Anne Laberge – “Veil De Fue”

Kathleen Cosgrove - Green Leaf Red Dot
Kathleen Cosgrove – “Green Leaf Red Dot”

Kelly Williams - Rush of Truth 24x18 $950
Kelly Williams – “Rush of Truth”

Linda Robertson - Marking the Earth 9x9 $175
Linda Robertson – “Marking the Earth”

Melissa Lackman - Eve 16x16 $600
Melissa Lackman – “Eve”

Nancy Vorm - Warp & Weft 11x14
Nancy Vorm – “Warp & Weft”

Robin Tripaldi - Bearing Gifts_Encaustic, mixedmedia 24x24
Robin Tripaldi – “Bearing Gifts”

Trisha Ramsay -  Folding Forms 3 16x16 $500
Trish Ramsey – “Folding Forms 1”

Rinat Goren - The Person You Want To Be 30x24 $1100
Rinat Goren – “The Person You Want to Be”

Sheri Marcus - Turbulence, tryptic 24x10
Sheri Marcus – “Turbulence”

Karen Bright - Feathers 12x16 $1500
Karen Bright – “7 Feathers”

Candace Law - Hexameter 14x18 $350
Candace Law – “Hexameter”

Valerie Greene - Harmony 3
Valerie Greene – “Harmony”

Marie Rossettie - Bleeding Heart 1
Marie Rossettie – “Bleeding Heart 1”

Flo Bartell - Time Worn 2 24x24
Flo Bartell – “Time Worn”

Peggi Charlesworth - ART1B
Peggi Charlesworth – “Art1B”

Judith Williams - Madam 24x24
Judith Williams – “Madam”

R. Dodge - Nepenthe 1 12X12
Robert Dodge – “Nepenthe 1”

M. Bertrand - Coastal Dreams 3 22x10
Margaret Bertrand – “Coastal Dreams 3”

Joan Sexton - Going Places
Joan Sexton – “Going Places”

BEDROCK 3 (2014) by Kathy Cantwell. Encaustic / 12" x 12" x 1"
Kathy Cantwell – “Bedrock 3”

Helen Donally - Amber Bronze Stripe 11x9.5x5
Helen Dannelly – “Amber Bronze Stripe Cluster”

This special exhibit will run through the end of August…  Don’t miss it!


Hi, all!

We’ve decided to try opening on SUNDAYS!

William is willing to be here… so if you need something, come on in!  (it might be good to call us first, just to be on the safe side.)  We’re going to see what the response is before we decide to make it permanent.  (hours will be 12-4pm)

Please make sure you tell him that you read about it in our blog, so that we know how you heard…



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New! Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastels are here in 48 bold colors!


Want to experiment with a new medium? Been curious about oil pastels but don’t want to break the bank?

Try out our new Expressionist oil pastels from Cray-Pas. With a set of 12 starting at $6.20 and individuals for 70cents apiece, these are great for anything from experimentation to serious art.


Use them on paper, canvas, board, or wood. Blend with your finger or use a brush and some Odorless Thinner to create more subtle washes. The wide range of colors allow anything from bold graphics to portraits and still-lifes.

Happy Independence Day!

hi, all – We’ll be closed July 4th, to enjoy fireworks and barbeques!

Saturday we will have short hours – 12pm – 4pm, and we will be closed on Sunday.  Monday we’ll be back to our regular hours.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

A Blast with Solar Fast!!!

Everyone had a great time with Solar Fast at our Saturday Play-Date!!!


Attendees found Solar Fast to be an awesome new medium for creativity.   They even made some new Fashions!


All they needed was creativity and sunlight!


SolarFastDay3  SolarFastDay2


Make sure you stay tuned for information on our next Play-Date, so you don’t miss the fun!