Check out something new (and very cool!!!)

Barc Wood!

BarcNest  barcmenue  BarcBooks 

  Paint on it!  Print on it!  Cut it up!

 Looking for a new surface to paint or draw on?   How about invitation cards that will have people talking?   

BARC Wood Sheets & Tapes

These ultra-thin sheets of real wood veneer feature adhesive backing.   They work great with a wide range of media including charcoal, paint, pastel, pencils, pens, markers and more. They are easy to cut with scissors, a knife or a laser cutter. The sheets can be run through an ink-jet, or laser printer with no special priming necessary.  Great for fine art, model making and craft applications.  Available in Birch and Cherry wood.  

Art Central has 8.5×11″ sheets, 18×24″ sheets, & 1″  tape in stock now! 

Your creativity is the limit!  Come in and check out the new Barc Wood products for yourself!

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