INLAND! Come see our mother daughter show in January 2015!

We are starting the year off with a Bang!!!

Michelle Stevens and Marian Loomis have collected individual paintings for display in a show titled “Inland”.  The title comes from both artists’ strong affinity for the midwestern United States and painting the ethos and the icons that express the spirit of that country.

Michelle and Marian have worked in San Luis Obispo for many years and this is the first time they have combined their distinctly different styles for our first mother/daughter show!


“Winter Scene” – Marian Loomis (oil and collage on metal)

Second Baseman-Marian Loomis

“Second Baseman” – Marian Loomis (oil on metal)

Cook- Marian Loomis

“Cook” – Marian Loomis (oil on canvas)

Deep Sea Diver- Marian Loomis

“Deep Sea Diver” – Marian Loomis (oil on metal)

Tornado- Marian Loomis

“Tornado” – Marian Loomis (oil on canvas)


“Dead Bird” – Michelle Stevens (oil on canvas)


“Two Deer At Angora Lake” – Michelle Stevens (oil on canvas)


“Albino Deer” – Michelle Stevens (oil on canvas)


“At Bat” – Michelle Stevens (oil on canvas)

Stop by Art Central during the first Art After Dark of the new year, Friday January 2nd 2015 from 6-8pm to see this talent-filled mother daughter art show! Show runs through February 2nd!

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