It Was A Fun Day With Golden Artist Colors!

Our Golden Artist Colors Day with Judy Gittelsohn  was a blast!!!


Participants learned and worked with Golden’s unique and inspiring line of acrylic mediums and paints with Judy Gittelsohn!


Art Central was proud to host this educational and exciting event.


We’d like to do more workshops with Judy.  Would any of the following be of interest to you?  Let us know!

Playing….. really playing with Golden Interference and Iridescent Paints
Digital Mix More Media – create digital images on acrylic skins and interesting papers and be able to collage them into your paintings. 
Golden Gels and Mediums and How to Use them to make you Happy!
Layering, Blending, Lifting with Golden Acrylics.
Gelli Plate Printing with Golden paints. 

Make sure you check our blog regularly for information on our next upcoming event.  You don’t want to miss out!!!

2 thoughts on “It Was A Fun Day With Golden Artist Colors!”

  1. Judy’s demo was WONDERFUL!! I wish I could have stayed for the workshop. I would be very interested in learning more about the Digital Mix More Media!

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