Some Fun Product Information!

Art Central has some
!!! Fun & New !!!
information on several of our products

Gelli Plates


Gelli Arts has made available a detailed walkthrough on how to use their Gelli plates to print on fabrics.  Use this technique to really make your wardrobe unique!

Click Here

Nitram Charcoal

(creators of high quality artist charcoal)
wants to see how you use their product

Nitram Charcoals

Send in a video of you working with their product and you have a chance to win several prizes!
Details on the contest can be found:


Multi-Surface Paints

Am one

DecoArt has an online library of tutorials and project ideas
for this versatile, vibrant craft paint.  Check it out:


Strathmore Papers

10_sap_340_109draw_1213:Layout 1

Strathmore is offering FREE online workshops at their website.  Experienced artists share their insights and techniques through videos and instruction.  Strathmore’s workshops can be found:


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