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You’re Invited!


An eclectic collection of photographs showcasing a variety of subjects by local photographers.

Golden Moment_Deprise Brescia
“Golden Moment”
Deprise Brescia

Karen Carson Outlook
Karen Carson

Join us for this inspiring show opening
Art After Dark, Friday, April 1st from 6-8pm. Show runs thru May 2nd.

Please visit to see all the great art receptions this Friday night!

A Gamboge by any other name…

We here at Art Central stumble across new information and intriguing tidbits often, and thought we’d share with you!

Did You Know- Gamboge

The color of Gamboge has a long history as being a preferred warm, transparent yellow for use by artists spanning cultures and centuries. 8th century watercolor paintings from Eastern Asia, illuminated illustrations from the Middle Ages in Europe, and paintings by Rembrandt and Turner are among a few works making brilliant use of the pigment.

Gamboge is derived from the resin of a tree that frequents South East Asia, the Garcinia evergreen. When a tree is aged 10 years, then they are suitable to have the resin extracted. Then the substance is loaded into bamboo cylinders and fire-roasted, and finally the now-hardened resin is powdered.

A problematic trait of true Gamboge is its poor lightfastness, as well as its high level of toxicity. In the early 17th century doses of Gamboge were prescribed as a medicine for various maladies, but rapidly dropped in popularity when recipients started dying from the stuff.

Enter Winsor and Newton. Although they had been making Gamboge paint true to its historical recipe, they changed over to a less toxic and more lightfast alternative formula in 2005, and named the new formulation New Gamboge. However, recently, the pigments being used were discontinued, so Winsor and Newton has reformulated New Gamboge, now made with pigments PY150 (an azo nickel) and PR209 (quinacridone red), which brings this color closer to its original counterpart, making it more authentic.

Other companies as well have their own formulations of the historic Gamboge Yellow.  M. Graham’s Gamboge (PY151 benzimidazolone yellow and PO62 benzimidazolone orange) being slightly brighter and leaning closer to yellow than Winsor and Newton’s earthier tone, and Daniel Smith with their own New Gamboge (PY97 arylide yellow and PY110 isoindolinone yellow), which can be construed as almost a halfway point between Winsor and Newton and M. Graham’s shades.


PS… a note on NEW graphite putty!

From Portuguese company ArtGraf comes this exciting new drawing material! A quality, artist grade graphite, formulated into a malleable putty, it is also water-soluble, letting artists decide the shape of their drawing tool! Creates a wide range of shades and lends itself well to gestural work and large compositions, and also a fun sketching tool.

artgraf no1


We need images to advertise for our April show! 

“Local Lenses”

Please email us a jpeg of the piece(s) you plan on entering into our show to 

(Yes, we’re still accepting images for advertising purposes – this week, please)

This show is open to any and all photographers.  Any style and subject is allowed.

Drop off your art on Wednesday, March 30th between 10am-4pm

Show opening and Artist’s reception will be held during Art After Dark on April 1st from 6-8pm. Show runs through May 2nd, 2016.

Please print, fill out and bring in attached contract with your artwork:

2016-4 Local Lenses

lense banner image.jpg

Ever wanted to teach a workshop?

Instructors Wanted!


Art Central is putting together its workshop and demonstration schedule for the months of April through June.

Would you be interested in being an instructor? 
You may opt to teach a demo, workshop, or both. We advertise our demonstrations and workshops through Facebook and our blog.  However, we have found that instructors who also use their own mailing and contact list usually have greater enrollment. Demonstrations are free to the public – think of any demo of your chosen medium or technique.  This can be a great way for you to advertise yourself as an instructor!  Participants for demonstrations sign up through Art Central. Workshops are “mini-classes”.  The cost of a workshop is up to each instructor.  Instructors pay a fee of $5 per hour (minimum of 3 hours) to Art Central for the use of our space.  We supply tables and chairs.  For workshops, students will contact you directly for registration and payment.  It is up to each instructor to establish a minimum or maximum number of students per class.  Generally, depending on how much space each student requires, 10 – 12 students would fill our space.  We ask that at least some of the materials used in the workshop be available for sale at Art Central.  We can stock the supplies for your students if you provide us with a materials list. 

From past workshop and demo experiences, we have found that weekends seem to work best for students and instructors.  Feel free, however, to schedule your workshop/demo any day of the week.  We ask that you start the workshop no earlier than an hour after we open, and end it no later than an hour before we close.   Store hours are  Mon-Fri 10am-5:30pm,  Sat 10am-5pm,  Sun 12pm-4pm

We have limited parking at Art Central and ask that instructors let students know that they will be asked to park along Monterey or another side street. We will be scheduling workshop and demonstration dates on a first come first serve basis.  Please let us know as soon as you can what date/s you would like.

The following dates are NOT available:
April: 1st, 2nd and 9th
May: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th
June: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 19th
Any other dates from April through June are available – again, first come, first serve!

In summary, we need the following from instructors as soon as possible:
– A title and description of the demo/workshop in this format (including dates, fee, contact info):

Artist’s Name:  “Workshop / Demo Title”
Dates and Time, June 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.  Mon 1-4pm
Fee: $80 for four class series
This drawing class will use flowers and plants for our inspiration.  We will explore various drawing techniques in combination with mixed media. The focus will be unique to each individual’s needs. It may include improving your drawing skills, composition, and or being more playful and experimental with your interpretations.  All levels are welcome! Some materials provided.  Class materials list on hand at Art Central. Contact Artists Name for questions or registration by phone: 555-5555, or email:

For questions, or to set up a workshop/demo, please contact William at Art Central by email:


Team Building Project

The Cal Poly Team Building Project Was An Inspirational Success!

This sculpture project was a combined effort of 18 members of Cal Poly’s University Housing Department as part of a team-building day. Artist/Instructor Jeanne Miller led  6 teams of 3 people, each team creating a 3D seashell out of wire, and then using beautiful papers and tissues to cover parts of the form. Some team members also created ‘seaweed’ and small shells to add to the piece. The 6 final shells and other additions were joined into one large hanging piece by the entire group! A very colorful and creative sculpture was created during this session — a fun way to work together and get to know one another.

Art Central is proud to host such wonderful, community oriented events!

Workshop Reminder!

Just a reminder of the upcoming “Contrasts” workshop.

Don q

Will (of Art Central’s staff): “Contrasts Workshop”
Saturday, March 19th, 12pm-3pm
$30 workshop fee + some materials

Ever hear the terms “positive and negative space?”  Ever wonder how you can use them to improve your art?  This upcoming workshop will explore positive/negative space and tonal contrast with a multitude of traditional water soluble drawing materials.  Bring your own project and supplies and work in a relaxed and fun group environment.  Some materials provided but feel free to bring any drawing supplies you wish to explore with.  A preferred  brush (not too expensive!), drawing material (water soluble recommended), and appropriate substrate required.  Total cost of materials should be no more then $10!
Please sign up in advance through email at:
or phone: 805-747-4200

Don’t miss out on this fun workshop!

Painting Workshop!

Check out this upcoming exciting acrylic painting workshop!


Lorri Trogdon: Let’s throw some paint around.  Let it go!
Date: Saturday, April 2nd , 12-3:30pm
Fee: $ 55

My workshop is designed to express freedom with paint, color and expression. All levels welcome. 
“The Central Coast Surf Shack” is a fun painting. We will paint together, using fluid acrylics, as I demonstrate step-by-step .  You will go home with a finished piece of art!
Class supplies available at ART CENTRAL.  
Please contact me or 805-709-1105 for sign-up and questions!

Encaustic Workshop!

Flo Bartell’s encaustic workshop is almost here. 
Don’t miss out on her remarkable workshop!


Flo Bartell – Encaustic Workshop for Beginning and Intermediate Students
Saturday, March 12th, 12pm-4pm
Fee – $80 plus materials fees.

This class will include beginning and some advanced encaustic techniques, safety precautions and studio requirements. If you wish to participate, please contact Flo Bartell at or 805-528-7983.  Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!

Call for Artists!

We want your photos for our April show:
“Local Lenses”

This show is open to any and all photographers!  Any style and subject is allowed!

Drop off your art on Wednesday, March 30th from 10am-4pm

Show opening and Artist’s reception will be held during Art After Dark on April 1st from 6-8pm. Show runs through May 2nd, 2016.

Please print, fill out and bring in attached contract with your artwork:

2016 Local Lenses

lense banner image.jpg

Please email us a jpeg of the piece(s) you plan on entering into our show to

Color Theory Workshop!

Learn about the properties of color in this fun and informative workshop!


Ardella Swanberg, “Hands on Color Theory” Saturday, April 9th, 1-4 PM.
Cost: $20
Color is one of the five elements of painting.  It is easy to get in the rut of using the same colors over and over or of using every color on your palette.  In this class you will make your own color wheel and use it to learn how to mix colors and neutrals and to choose color schemes. You will make a simple design and copy it 4 times with different color combinations to see what a difference each makes..  Bring red (quin. rose), yellow (Hansa or Lemon), blue (Cobalt), and black professional watercolor paints and 5 or 6 pieces of 8″ x 10″ watercolor paper.  You will also need a #6 or so round brush, a palette, and a water container.
To enroll, c
ontact Ardella: 771-0281 or by email at