Color Theory Workshop!

Learn about the properties of color in this fun and informative workshop!


Ardella Swanberg, “Hands on Color Theory” Saturday, April 9th, 1-4 PM.
Cost: $20
Color is one of the five elements of painting.  It is easy to get in the rut of using the same colors over and over or of using every color on your palette.  In this class you will make your own color wheel and use it to learn how to mix colors and neutrals and to choose color schemes. You will make a simple design and copy it 4 times with different color combinations to see what a difference each makes..  Bring red (quin. rose), yellow (Hansa or Lemon), blue (Cobalt), and black professional watercolor paints and 5 or 6 pieces of 8″ x 10″ watercolor paper.  You will also need a #6 or so round brush, a palette, and a water container.
To enroll, c
ontact Ardella: 771-0281 or by email at ardellajo@yahoo.com.

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