Your Creativity – Our Supplies!

Get an Ink-ling!

– Ink –

Great for drawing, design and calligraphy.
Ink has a long history as an artist’s tool and medium.

There are a multitude of ink types with different properties to suit every need.

 Check out these informative videos to see how artists
use everything from brushes, markers, pens, dip pens and more to create with ink!

– Hand Lettering –

Hand Lettering

– Modern Calligraphy –


– Drawing with pen &ink –

drawing pen ink 2

Have a look at this now in stock Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  A refillable bristle brush pen that uses cartridges of pigmented water resistant ink!  Great for comics, cartoons and illustrations!

Pocket brush

Pocket brush painting

Another new product to check out is the Pilot Parallel Pen; a truly modern fountain pen!  Cartridge fed and consistent in ink flow, this line of pen is great for calligraphy and drawing alike!



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