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Exciting Weekend Workshops

Art Central has two
fun workshops this weekend
that you shouldn’t miss!


Artist’s Round Table
June 4th, Saturday 1-3pm
Fee: Free!

“Come in and sit round a table with artists you may not even know!  Draw for 5 minutes, then pass to the left!  Make new friends, get creative!”

A lot of fun and creativity was had at our last round table!
(Click here for testimonials)


Lynn Bacigalupo: Calm & Centering Mandalas
Dates: Sun. June 5th, 1-3pm
Fee: $25


Learn how to draw mandalas, an ancient art of symmetrical patterning used to calm and center the mind. We will incorporate your own personal intention and a guided meditation to add depth to our practice. All levels are welcome, no prior experience needed. Some materials provided. Class materials list on hand at Art Central. Contact Lynn Bacigalupo for questions or registration by phone: 805-242-6802 or email:

Participants had so much fun with Lynn’s last class that we had to extended it another hour!

Don’t miss out on the fun this weekend!

Art Inspiration: Emulating Nature Through Lines

It’s so easy to get caught up in more advanced techniques that you forget the basics of art, such as line.

Experiment with forming patterns found in nature, like the spiral pattern, branching pattern, radial pattern, and meandering pattern.


The spiral is found in whirlpools, tornados, plant leaves, and seashells. Branching lines can be seen in river tributaries, circulatory systems, and most commonly, in trees. You can spot a radial pattern in spider webs, starfish, and flowers. Lastly, a river or stream makes an excellent representation of a meandering line.

These naturally occurring patterns have structural integrity and a dynamic energy that strengthen and animate your drawing or painting. Carefully place and organize these different strokes to create a bold and direct or delicate and sensitive work of art.

For examples of finished artwork that utilizes these natural lines, please visit our Instagram (@artcentralslo) and Pinterest (Art Central)!

(Image and Content Credit to: Leland, Nita. The Creative Artist: A Fine Artist’s Guide to Expanding Your Creativity and Achieving Your Artistic Potential. Cincinnati, OH: North Light, 1990. Print.)

You’re Invited!

“The Human Form”

See intriguing interpretations of the subject that has fascinated artists for centuries: the human body.

Constable, Joanie Bound By

“Bound by…” from Joanie Constable

Rosenthal, R A Warm Bath

“A Warm Bath” by Rosey Rosenthal

Model Resting - Joe Schwartz Photo Archive

“Model Resting” by Joe Schwartz

Stepping Stones by Jewel Moss

“Stepping Stones” by Jewel Moss

Sugar Cups by Larry Le Brane

“Sugar Cups” by Larry Le Brane

Join us for the opening of this show!
Art After Dark, Friday, June 3rd from 6-8pm. Show runs thru June 27th.

Please visit to see all the great art receptions this Friday night!

Workshop Reminder

Larry’s next drawing workshop installment is coming up this week and there are still a few spaces left!

1Larry Le Brane_BW Drawing_ pencil

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 5 – 8pm

Fee: $45    3 hr.
Students will apply SHAPE to achieve the illusion of 3-Dimensional space in drawing. Lecture, demo & practice include 1, 2 & 3-point perspective & structure of forms. REGISTER & QUESTIONS: or 805-528-8791

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn drawing fundamentals in a fun and relaxed environment!


We had to RESCHEDULE David’s demo!

Sunday, JUNE 12th, 1 – 3pm
David Limrite’s oil-stick demonstration

Please contact Art Central to reserve your place: (805) 747-4200, or e-mail us at

David Limrite 1
Oil Paint Sticks are versatile, direct, immediate, expressive and, at times… unpredictable!  Working with them allows the artist to both draw and paint. This demonstration will explore basic drawing and painting techniques, as well as a wide range of advanced techniques such as blending, washes, wiping, scraping, scratching back into, and Alla Prima.

FREE!   (approximately 2 hours)

D.I.Y Stencils: Quick Tutorial & a workshop opportunity!



 First step, of course, is gathering materials!  You will need spray paint, an X-Acto knife, tape, a pencil, a backing to safely cut on, your image, and a space or surface to apply. Tip: If you don’t have the patience or hand strength to work with something as thick as cardboard or matboard, you can always purchase frisket film or Yupo paper.


  Tape your image firmly down onto the cardboard or matboard, making sure it is as flat and smooth as possible.


 Before you start cutting, be sure you have a good work surface that you don’t mind getting scratched. Also, be sure it is thick enough that it won’t go all the way through. X-acto knives are sharp!


Carefully and patiently use the X-Acto knife to score the outline of your shapes.


  Be careful with circles such as the inside of an ‘O’ or any small sections that aren’t connected elsewhere. Make thin bridges to connect these back to the main stencil. For example, we’ve made two bridges for the circles around the Art Central logo. If we hadn’t the image would fall through completely. It helps to mark these with a pencil or pen before cutting.


  Remove the image you taped on, and carefully go back over the areas you scored, this time cutting all the way through the cardboard and removing the piece you cut out. This is your chance to correct and clean up any spots of the scoring that you aren’t completely satisfied with.  Tip: Lightly running a pencil in the scored grooves makes it easier to see the lines you need to follow.


Time to paint!  Make sure to shake your can of paint very well. Be mindful of the distance between the cap and the stencil; too close will give you puddles of paint and too far away will give you lots of overspray. This isn’t terribly messy but in case of a gust of wind, be sure to wear clothes that can be ruined. Spraying outside is best for ventilation… just don’t forget to take wind into account.


You can use your stencil many times. Ours looked very pretty with the layers of paint! This will need time to dry before you can store it. Let it sit outside for a while because it will smell strongly of paint.


  Next, we decided to outline our images to give them presence and a bold appearance.


 Experiment with colors and combinations!  We used sea green and white matboard for our signs. For our paint we used Montana Gold’s Lime, Copperchrome, Sky Blue, Silver Matt, and Shock Pink Light. (We may be biased but we think that our Montana Gold brand spray paints are pretty awesome!)


 Ta-da! All finished and put up for display. This is a really fun project that you can revisit time and time again. Despite the somewhat time consuming beginning of this project, its lasting attribute makes it well worth while. We can put this on anything, at any time now! Have fun with it, be safe, and get creative!

Check out what else you can do with a stencil

This is SolarFast and it is so fun and so fast. It is a UV reactive dye, meaning the color comes out with sunlight. We did layers on a plain shirt and exposed it to sunlight twice. . This project only took minutes excluding the dry time of course. Our stencil is proving to be super useful already!

This Saturday (May 21) join us for our SolarFast workshop!  12-2pm, $10 per participant, bring your own T-shirt & stencils, found objects, etc!

Please call or e-mail us to reserve your space – 805-747-4200, 

Exciting Events at Art Central!

We have two
very exciting, very different
events this weekend at Art Central!

Saturday, May 21st, 12 – 2pm
 SolarFast Play-Date

This workshop is limited to 8 maximum.  Don’t wait to reserve your space!


SolarFast dyes natural fabrics without stiffening the material.  Use stencils, or just about anything to create unique designs and silhouettes.  Photographic negatives work great!  You can even draw and  paint it on directly with a brush!  SolarFast is activated by sunlight… SO easy!  Just apply the dye, create your design, and put in the sun!

Bring $10, your own natural fiber substrate (shirt, pants, scarf, etc.) and any stencils or objects you would like to use.  We’ll supply the rest! 

To register for this Play Date, call us (805) 747-4200, or email us at

For more information, click here!

  *   *   *   *   *   *

Sunday, May 22nd, 1 – 3pm
David Limrite’s oil-stick demonstration

David Limrite 1
Oil Paint Sticks are versatile, direct, immediate, expressive and, at times, unpredictable. Working with them allows the artist to both draw and paint at the same time. This demonstration will explore basic drawing and painting techniques, as well as, a wide range of advanced techniques such as blending, washes, wiping, scraping, scratching back into, and Alla Prima. Please contact Art Central to reserve your place: (805) 747-4200, or e-mail us at

FREE Demo!   (approximately 2 hours)

Don’t miss out on all the fun and these great learning opportunities!

Artistic Opportunities ABOUNDED this past weekend!

We still haven’t come up with an ‘official’ title for the play-date we had here on Saturday afternoon – we’re informally calling it a “Round Table”… but by any name, it was a success!  Here is some of the feedback from participants…  We will definitely offer this again, and truly hope you’ll join us!  What a way to spark your creative fire!

Hi good people of art I’m sending this note as a follow up to yesterday’s event at Art Central and to express my most enthusiastic thanks to Art Central for hosting the gathering. I knew the session was good when I realized the time was over and I wanted to stay longer. I also made a couple of strokes I think will be useful in story telling and I hope to continue in a series. 

I want to thank you furnishing the materials, especially the Portuguese compressed graphite.

Thanks again. – Ed

The art round table this afternoon was such fun! We drew everything from cityscapes to hot air balloons to peacocks. I enjoyed trying out all the colored pencils, pens and markers and I learned what a waterbrush is. But the most fun was seeing each person’s sense of humor emerge in the drawings we were passing around. Even a tourist who stopped by to see the gallery sat down and joined in the fun.

This play date was a great idea! I hope you plan more.

Thanks, Etty, for hosting the artist round-table play date. I had so much fun meeting the other artists and getting to play together. It was super interesting to watch the art pages evolve as each artist added their own spin to what was already on the page. There was no telling how each “masterpiece” was going to end up. Everyone kept the judgement and expectations at bay and just went with the flow. Each alotted drawing segment seemed to grow shorter than the last as we progressed – We were getting so absorbed in our work!  It was sure a lot of fun. I found it inspiring to get in there and do something new. I really, really hope we can do it again. For anyone regretting that they missed the playdate, I highly recommend jumping in on any future chances to participate.

I’d like to thank Art Central for organizing and hosting last Saturday’s round table. I found the experience provided a fresh perspective. Since the work was a collaborative effort, I was able to be impartial to the outcome. Limited to the implements on the table I could not rely on my go-to techniques. I had to improvise, adding to the page before me. I felt absorbed in the moment, free from judging my last stroke or fulfilling my expectation for the piece.

 *   *   *   *   *   * 

Sunday’s ‘Mandala Workshop’ was wonderful – & we’ll be offering it again in June!

And… a private ‘Art Party’ on Friday… lots of laughs, lots of fun!


I’m so thankful that we are able to do more here than just sell art supplies!

Looking forward to this weekend – we have 2 wonderful events planned…

That blog will be posted shortly!

Artists Round Table – Last Call!

Just a friendly reminder- we’re still hoping to get more sign-ups for our upcoming play-date tomorrow!

“Come in and sit round a table with artists you may not even know!  Draw for 5 minutes, then pass to the left!  Make new friends, get creative!”

Give us a call or an email to let us know if you can join us.  We need a few more people to make this happen, hope you’d like to give it a try!  We need to know by this afternoon, so don’t delay!


Get out there and make art!


With weather like ours, why would you ever paint inside?

Summer will arrive soon and with it, the chance to draw and paint plein air!

Plein air is the practice of painting and drawing outdoor on location.  It’s a chance to chronicle your travels, take in your surroundings and enjoy being outside.  Whatever the medium, Art Central has everything the roving artist needs!

– Gary’s  Handmade –
Pochade Boxes

Pochade boxes

– French Easels –

– Travel Palettes & Watercolor Sets-

 Atr Pal.jpg

Hert Pal

– Totes, Bags, Boxes & Containers –


– Oils, Oil Sticks, Watercolors & Acrylic Paints –

Golden HB ACR

R F oilsticks

– Watercolor Pencils & Crayons –


– Soft & Oil Pastels –


– Brushes, Palette Knives & Brushpens –



No matter the medium, have fun.
And remember, its an adventure out there!