Art Inspiration: Emulating Nature Through Lines

It's so easy to get caught up in more advanced techniques that you forget the basics of art, such as line. Experiment with forming patterns found in nature, like the spiral pattern, branching pattern, radial pattern, and meandering pattern. The spiral is found in whirlpools, tornados, plant leaves, and seashells. Branching lines can be seen in river… Continue reading Art Inspiration: Emulating Nature Through Lines



We had to RESCHEDULE David's demo! Sunday, JUNE 12th, 1 - 3pm David Limrite's oil-stick demonstration Please contact Art Central to reserve your place: (805) 747-4200, or e-mail us at Oil Paint Sticks are versatile, direct, immediate, expressive and, at times... unpredictable!  Working with them allows the artist to both draw and paint. This demonstration will explore… Continue reading DATE CHANGE FOR DAVID LIMRITE DEMO!!!

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Exciting Events at Art Central!

We have two very exciting, very different events this weekend at Art Central! Saturday, May 21st, 12 - 2pm  SolarFast Play-Date This workshop is limited to 8 maximum.  Don't wait to reserve your space! SolarFast dyes natural fabrics without stiffening the material.  Use stencils, or just about anything to create unique designs and silhouettes.  Photographic negatives work… Continue reading Exciting Events at Art Central!


Get out there and make art!

With weather like ours, why would you ever paint inside? Summer will arrive soon and with it, the chance to draw and paint plein air! Plein air is the practice of painting and drawing outdoor on location.  It's a chance to chronicle your travels, take in your surroundings and enjoy being outside.  Whatever the medium, Art Central has everything the roving artist… Continue reading Get out there and make art!