Get out there and make art!


With weather like ours, why would you ever paint inside?

Summer will arrive soon and with it, the chance to draw and paint plein air!

Plein air is the practice of painting and drawing outdoor on location.  It’s a chance to chronicle your travels, take in your surroundings and enjoy being outside.  Whatever the medium, Art Central has everything the roving artist needs!

– Gary’s  Handmade –
Pochade Boxes

Pochade boxes

– French Easels –

– Travel Palettes & Watercolor Sets-

 Atr Pal.jpg

Hert Pal

– Totes, Bags, Boxes & Containers –


– Oils, Oil Sticks, Watercolors & Acrylic Paints –

Golden HB ACR

R F oilsticks

– Watercolor Pencils & Crayons –


– Soft & Oil Pastels –


– Brushes, Palette Knives & Brushpens –



No matter the medium, have fun.
And remember, its an adventure out there!

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