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Happy Independence Day!

Just a reminder that we will be closed this Sunday and Monday, July 3rd & 4th…

Have a safe and creative holiday!American Flag

Another remodel…!

Hi, all – we’ll be doing some remodeling in the store tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28.  Please expect things to be in a bit of disarray while we move things around!


Presentation is Paramount!


Pere Borrell Escaping Criticism

“Escaping Criticism” by Pere Borrell

All too often an artist’s passion for their work wanes with its completion.  Most artists are more interested in creating artwork then they are in displaying it which can lead to the poor showing of a beautiful piece of art.

While there are many subtle and complex nuances in displaying two-dimensional artwork, there are a few basic principals that can make all the difference.  When we accept 2-D artwork at Art Central for one of our shows, we have several primary requirements:

– Clean, scratch-free glass –
Watercolors, prints, ink works, and dry medium drawings are traditionally framed behind glass to protect and display the work.  Make sure the glass you use is free of scratches or smudges that can rob the artwork of the viewer’s full attention.  Plexiglas is available as a more lightweight substitute but be aware that it is much more easily scratched than traditional glass.

– Unblemished frames –
While the modern practice of not framing oil and acrylic works is a possibility (these pieces should, however, have painted, clean sides for a finished appearance), the right frame can greatly influence the visual presence and impact of an art piece upon a wall.  Make sure your frame is clean and free of dents and scratches.  Many dings and dents occur while transporting a framed work to its showing; remember to transport your work in a way that prevents the frame from rubbing or hitting hard surfaces.

– Well cut, precise matboard –
Make sure your matboard is smudge-free and cut properly.  Matting can not only add flair to artwork, but it also serves to keep the art from touching the glass in the frame.  Matting prints or smaller pieces and putting them in clear bags for display in print bins is also popular.  (Make sure your clear bags – called sleeves – are clean and unwrinkled.)  At Art Central we do not want artwork in sleeves to have the price on the front.  A small neat pricing sticker on the back of the sleeve is the norm.

– Work is ready to hang –
Depending on where you are going to be displaying work, a specific kind of hanger may be required.  Research beforehand so you can have your work ready upon arrival.  Art Central requires the use of D-Rings; a versatile and simple hanging method.  D-Rings are attached by screws directly into the back of wooden frame (or the stretcher bars of a canvas), then hanging wire is strung between them.

Of course there is a plethora of insights and opinions on the subject.  Check out these links, and seek out other references, to better make decisions on how to display your artwork.

Muddy Colors

Artists Network

Framing 4 Yourself


DIY Photography

You’re Invited!

“Bug Me”

An exhibit teeming with insect and insect related artwork to make your skin crawl…with delight.


Sarah Day 3

“Untitled” by Sarah Day


Dana Hixson, The Game

“The Game” by Dana Hixson


Charlotte D' Aigle, Untitled

“Untitled” by Charlotte D’Aigle


Army Ant, Mark Selby

“Army Ant” by Mark Selby


Phil Colaprete, Net Winged Beetle

“Net Winged Beetle” by Philip Colaprete



Joanie Constable, Bee it Black or White

“Bee it Black or White” by Joanie Constable


Helen K Davie 1 An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles

“An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles” by Helen K. Davie (Part of a triptych)


Join us for the opening of this show!
Art After Dark, Friday, July 1st from 6-8pm. Show runs through August 1st.

Please visit to see all the great art receptions this Friday night!


If you are interested in entering in this show or looking for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us through our gallery email at

You can also view our call to artists post that contains a link to view our artist’s agreement that will be required for entry.

Bugging You For “Bug Me”!

Will we have enough art for “BUG ME”?

PLEASE let us know if you’ll be participating…

Currently we don’t feel that we have sufficient art hang this exhibit.

 If we don’t get more of a response by this Sunday (June 26th), we will have to cancel the show. 

You can email us at artcentral93401@gmail or call us at (805)747-4200.

please don’t delay!


Gelli Plate Workshop Was Wonderful

Lots of laughing and giggling from these artists. As you can see they created many wonderful pieces and so quickly. Nearly the entire gallery floor was lined with them!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and thank you Shirley!

Really great way to start a sunny Saturday.

next Round Table June 25th!

It’s free, but we need you to sign up in advance!  Please call or e-mail us … 805-747-4200…

Art Central

is putting together another “Artists Round Table” and you are invited to join the fun!

insta profile image

Artist’s Round Table
June 25th, Saturday 1-3pm
Fee: Free!

“Come in and sit round a table with artists you may not even know!  Draw for 5 minutes, then pass to the left!  Make new friends, get creative!”

A lot of fun and creativity was had at our last round table!  Don’t take our word for it, check out what past participants had to say!
(Click here for testimonials)

Bugging You For “Bug Me”!


Please let us know if you intend to participate in this creepy show!   AND……


… a reminder that we need images for our advertising!  

Please send your images to our gallery email

Sennelier Fine Oil Paints Are Here – check ’em out!

Art Central is very excited to announce that we now carry a select range of Sennelier oil paints.


From now through the end of June… 50% off! *

(*Discount for Art Central members ONLY!)


 And, sorry to say, we’ll be saying “goodbye” to our Duo Aqua Oil paints.   Take advantage of the clearance prices before they are all gone!



Upcoming Workshop

Just a reminder that the next class in Larry’s amazing drawing foundation series is coming up soon!

1Larry Le Brane_BW Drawing_ pencil

Thursday, June 23, 2016, 5 – 8pm.

Fee: $45/3 hr.
Students will apply SHADING to achieve realistic & mood lighting in drawing. Lecture, demo & practice include exercises to construct a Value Scale & shading a sphere.
REGISTER & QUESTIONS: or 805-528-8791

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw, or improve your technique, this is your chance!