Your Creativity – Our Supplies!

Get Ready for Inktober!

– Inktober is coming!!! –

Make sure you have all the pens, inks, brushes and paper you need to be a part of this fun and creative month long event.

What is Inktober?

InkTober is the brain child of comic, concept, and fine artist Jake Parker who challenged himself to complete a finished ink work each day in October.  Parker posted his daily results on social media and invited other artists to do the same.  Inktober caught on like wildfire and has since become an annual event that promotes personal challenge, discovery and community.

Stay tuned to our blog,
to see how Art Central
is celebrating InkTober…
And how you can participate!

Tools of the Trade

Pocket brush

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
Brush pens are a versatile tool capable of creating lines that are thick to thin and everything in-between just by altering pressure.  Pentel’s version is cartridge fed and refillable with waterproof and archival ink.

Sakura micron

Micron Pens
These disposable technical pens create a consistent line perfect for sharp, detailed line work.  Waterproof and fadeproof these pens are an affordable alternative to Rapidograph technical pens.


Sumi, India, Acrylic and Other Inks
The life blood and mainstay of InkTober.  Inks differ widely in their properties.  Whatever the application, whatever the tool, there will be an ink that is better suited to the task than others.  If you have questions about which ink to choose, Art Central’s knowledgeable staff is happy to help.


Paper and Pads
An obvious necessity for working in ink.  Much like ink, paper comes in a plethora of types all with different strengths and weaknesses.  Pads, blocks or loose leaves, whatever your needs, Art Central has your paper.

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