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Workshop & Demo Success!

Judy Gittlesohn’s
Golden Acrylic
Demonstration & Workshop
Was a Huge Hit!

Judy started the day demonstrating the properties and uses of Golden acrylic paints and mediums to a packed crowd…  Education and fun for all!




After a short break, Judy continued with an afternoon workshop….


Color wheels were created….


Then participants created paintings on 4 panels.  Each panel utilized a specific group of acrylic… iridescent colors, gel mediums, etc….



In the end, the 4 panels were combined, united by the initial line work, created with Golden Hi-Flow Acrylics.

Look at these amazing pieces!!!

Special thanks to Judy for putting on such a great demonstration and workshop.
Participants had a great time!!!

Art Central’s blog is the GO-TO for information on our upcoming events.
You don’t want to miss out on the fun!

We are already planning Judy’s return, with an in-depth Advanced Golden Acrylic Workshop.  So stay tuned!

Inktober’s End

What a great finish to Inktober!

Check out these beautiful final works submitted for our Inktober blog:


Heidi Kruger did this intricate and mesmerizing “Doodle” with assorted Micron pens. 


Tom Frey did this terrific on location drawing of a “Boulder field” with a Uniball ballpoint pen.


Tom used the same pen to record the beautiful vista of “Sierra Peaks from Onion Valley”


An anonymous artist sent in this beautiful untitled work done in Micron pen, Signo White gel pen and Pinata alcohol ink.


Nicholas of Art Central did this forlorn astronaut with Rapidograph pen, brush pen and ink wash.


Nicholas also used Rapidograph pen to draw these artists hard at work.


William of Art Central used a Rapidograph pen and his modified Aquash brush pens with sumi ink to create this dapper looking insect.


William used the same tools to draw this man riveted by the Cubs game at a café.

Inktober 16′ was a great success!

Look at how much amazing work was done:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Thank you to
all who contributed to the fun.
Keep those pens going and
we’ll be ready for Inktober 17′!


Acrylic Demonstration & Workshop

Judy Gittlsohn mudra

Don’t forget about
Judy Gittlesohn’s
Saturday demonstration & workshop

Gain great insights in acrylic painting from a phenomenal artist.
There are still seats available!

Judy Gittlesohn Golden Acrylic Demonstration
Sat. October 29th, 10:30am-12:30pm
Fee: Free!
The Golden lecture/demo is a 1.5 hour free educational presentation on acrylic paints, gels and mediums: an advanced technical explanation of acrylics, and their inherent possibilities. It covers information about the different types of pigments, viscosities, types of paints, grounds and color mixing. Various gels and mediums are demonstrated.
The possibilities will blow your mind.
You will learn how to extend paint to save money, and how to mix paints with gels to create unique textural surfaces. Learn how to use different products to make surfaces for watercolors, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, oil and soft pastels. Techniques for the use of iridescent and metallic paints will be shown. The lecture also covers light fastness of pigments and health and safety concerns.
Register in advance by phone: 805-747-4200 or email:

Judy Gittlesohn Acrylic Painting Workshop
Sat. October 29th, 1:30-4:30pm
Fee: $50
Participants will begin the workshop by creating Golden color wheels and studies using Golden Gel Mediums. This creates a deeper understanding of color mixing and the best uses and choices of Gels.  After developing ideas from these exercises, artists will continue to experiment, enjoying simple prompts from the instructor.  Workshop participants will enjoy playing with color mixing and incorporating use of a wide range of gels. Lastly, artists will create symbolic interpretations of water, landscape and clouds.
To register for this workshop, please contact Judy Gittlesohn by email: or phone: 650-248-5381

Only One More Week of Inktober!

Inktober continues!

We called out for more work last week and boy did you answer!
Check out all this phenomenal work!!!


Alicia Lee created this intricate “Black and White Daydream” with Pitt Pens.


Gerald L. Smith used Pilot Vball pens to record his trip to the “Wasatch Mountain Range.”


Lightfoot did this invocative work “Tree” with rapidograph pens.


Rachel Alpert used a bamboo dip pen and india ink to create the striking “Tape in Space.”


Riley Chapman used micron pens and sumi ink washes in this wonderful character design of “Mambo Kay.”


A touching moment was done by Shauna Jellison with pen, ink and watercolor.


Susan Schafer did the grand work “Better Off Without Them” with assorted india and acrylic inks.


Tom Frey did this Micron pen sketch of a “Bristlecone Pine” on location while hiking.


Nicholas of Art Central did this great rendition of a Viking with Rapidoghraphs and walnut ink.


William of Art Central made his happy place with modified Aquash brush pens and sumi ink.

What a great showing of diverse techniques, styles and inks for the week.
Thank you to all who sent in your images!

Next Sunday will be our last posting for Inktober. 
Keep your pens moving and send in your work.
Let’s send off Inktober with a bang!

doing a bit of spring cleaning…

hi, all – I want to sell 2 wooden flat files.  They aren’t gorgeous, but they work great!  I just don’t need them now, and although my ‘hoarder’ side wants to keep them, I know it’s silly to do so.  Please visit our facebook page for details!

Exciting GAMBLIN Free Demo! Saturday, Nov 5th!

Several years ago, I was at a trade show for art materials, and I stopped by the Gamblin Artist Colors booth.  I explained that the plethora of mediums had me completely confused and bamboozled – what on earth were they all for? 

WOW…  For the next 20 + minutes, Scott treated me to a one-on-one demo, mixing various mediums… galkyd, cold wax medium, neo-megilp and more with Ultramarine Blue – (figures he would use my favorite color, as if I wasn’t enchanted enough)! 

I finally threw my hands up in surrender and begged him to stop – I was saturated from all the information he had just given me – my head was exploding with possibilities! 

For the rest of the day, as I walked around talking to other manufacturers and vendors, & looking at their products, listening to them sing their praises, that ultramarine blue mixed with cold wax medium kept gliding through my consciousness, coloring (no pun intended) my view about everything else I saw. 

I would love for all of you to have the same experience that I did that day (although for you, we’ll put out chairs!)

Please join us on Saturday, November 5th, from 1 – 2:30pm for a SPECTACULAR demonstration all about Gamblin mediums. 

We are lucky enough to have Timothy Smith, incredibly energetic and talented oil painter, sharing his extensive knowledge about these products.



Timothy Smith: Gamblin Oil Paint & Mediums Demonstration
Sat. November 5th, 1-2:30pm
Fee: Free!
Don’t wait, register now!  Space is limited.

Register in advance by email:



Wow – Open Studio Tours is over? :-(

Can’t believe it – these two weekend flew by!  We hope you had the opportunity to see some of the extraordinary talent that graces our county…  If you didn’t, please stop in the gallery, and get at least a taste of what you missed!  80 of the 200 artists who participated in this year’s Tour entered a piece of their art in our 12″x12″x12″ Preview Show – and the exhibit is well worth a visit!

This wonderful show will be up through October 30th… don’t miss it!


Remember – we’re open 7 days a week…

Monday thru Friday, 10am – 5:30pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm

Sunday 12pm – 4pm

Huge thanks and kudos to the tireless staff at Arts Obispo 


You folks are amazing.  We appreciate you and everything you do.





Inktober Continues!

The third week
of Inktober has come

and with it great works of art!


Done with a Soft Brush Pitt Pen, an anonymous artist sent in this great image titled
“Cycle of Frustration.”


Peg Allison did this imposing eagle with dip pen and watercolor.  Look at those AG colors!


Nicholas of Art Central did this great image of Tom Waits with walnut ink, Rapidograh and a brush pen.


Nicholas used the same tools for this great composition of the Furies.


And great storytelling in “Self Sacrifice.”


William of Art Central used his modified Aquash brush pens to draw this unsuspecting café goer.


William did this drawing of a jukebox hero with a Technica ball point pen.


And some more Aquash work by William.

Thank you to all those that are participating!

Nick and William had to step it up this week as we were short on images.
Keep drawing!  We need your images for next week!

Happy Inktober!!!

Call For Artists for our November Exhibit!

dear friends –

it’s that time of year again – our annual “Little Treasures” show, for the months of November and December!  The criteria to enter your work for this exhibit is simple – you have to have it priced to sell for $100 or less! 

Keep in mind that people are looking for great gifts and stocking stuffers, so show us what you’ve got!

ALSO… Super exciting news… for the first time EVER, we will be displaying jewelry!!!!! 

Please note that we have created 12″x12″ shadow box frames, which will hang on the walls like paintings, to keep jewelry secure.  All jewelry MUST be displayed in these boxes.  (NO exceptions).  Note… We have a limited number of boxes.  Please speak to Etty for additional information.

“Take-in” for this show is Wednesday, November 2nd, and Artists Reception is Friday, November 4th, from 6-8pm.  (Since there is no Art After Dark in December, this is a 2-month show.)

For all information, please download this PDF:  2016-11-12-little-treasures


REMINDER – WE NEED YOUR IMAGES TO ADVERTISE!  Please send us jpegs of art you know you’ll be including in the exhibit, as soon as you can – it helps us advertise, and it gives YOU great exposure!   Please e-mail images to us at:

Eileen Braun Ornaments


Open Studio Tour Preview Show!

We are SO excited to be hosting the “12x12x12 Preview Show”

The Open Studios Art Tour is an amazing opportunity to see the spaces where our local artists create their beautiful works of art. The Preview Show is a great way to plan out your tour by seeing first hand who your ‘must see’ artists are. It was our privilege to host this Kick-Off Party for this awesome event.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the art you’ll see at the Preview Show!  Stop by Art Central any time during the month of October to see this wonderful exhibit… and don’t forget, you can visit more artists this weekend!  Visit Arts Obispo’s website to see more examples of the creative endeavors of this year’s participants!

(Please note – some of the below pieces of art have already sold!)


“Gingko Leaf Bowl” – Sandy Ferris


“Queenie” – Catherine Lemoine


“Holey Rocks” – Oscar Pearson


“The Other Side” – Michelle Ellis


“Middle Earth” – Claudia Ariss


“Untitled” – Deborah Kyle Hintergadt