Your Creativity – Our Supplies!

Serious collaboration!

    watching the evolution of each painting… ptg1a

every hand that touches it adds a new twist… ptg1b

a new color… ptg1f

different perspectives…     ptg1g     ptg1h

great comraderie…  ptg1j

intense focus…  ptg1k    group2

sharing ideas…   group1

with great music… awesome music    and dancing…  dancing1

and conversation… group4

the painting begins… ptg2a  it flows…  ptg2b  and changes…   ptg2c  and expands…

in the moment…   ptg2f     ptg2h    ptg2d

and inspires…    ptg2e

ptg3   ptg3c    ptg3b    ptg3a


Amazing group of people … Amazing afternoon.

   group shot




Missed it?  We will be doing it again THIS Friday, May 19th – please join us

Comments on: "Serious collaboration!" (2)

  1. Marilyn Grizzell said:

    Very cool. Been out of town . sounds like a fun time! Sent from my iPhone


  2. LeBraneDesign said:

    Looks like a terrific creative day at Art Central!

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