Upcoming Workshops

Larry Le Brane's next workshop in his Drawing Foundation Series is coming May 25th! Larry Le Brane: Drawing Foundation Series: “Form, Composition & Critique” Thurs. May 25th 5pm-8pm Fee: $45 Draw groups of forms to explore composition alternatives.  Includes individual & popular group critique. These 4 Drawing Foundation mini-classes focus on specific fundamental skills. Take… Continue reading Upcoming Workshops

Gallery Exhibits

YOU’RE INVITED! Art After Dark Reception

"The Natural World" A special exhibit by the students of SLO High School Art After Dark this Friday, May 5th between 6 - 8pm ... enjoy the art work of SLO High School's students! This exhibition calls for work that follows the theme “The Natural World”. Students were asked to create work that expresses the theme of ‘The… Continue reading YOU’RE INVITED! Art After Dark Reception


Brushing Up

The brush as an artist's tool has been in use for thousands of years, possibly even as far back as 40,000 years ago in cave paintings. The first brushes were sticks and reeds with mashed ends, then natural hair was incorporated, and as human industry and technology progressed, so too did the sophistication of the brush. The typical… Continue reading Brushing Up


A Superb workshop!

Judy Gittelsohn's Advanced Acrylic Workshop wasn't just a great educational experience ...It was also great fun! Judy said she would be sure to come back and teach again at Art Central.  Stay tuned for more information on workshops and many other events!