Your Creativity – Our Supplies!

Art Central is
Happy to Announce a Great
Acrylic Painting Workshop!

Lorri Trogdon: Acrylic Workshop “Table Talk”
Sat. July 15th, 12-3:30
Fee: $60

Join me for a wonderful painting experience.  Loosen up!  Explore painting a beautiful and colorful arrangement of flowers, basket and pottery containers.  I use Golden liquid acrylics for a loose watercolor look, laying in color and objects for the initial painting.  I then bring it up a level with oil paint for impact if needed.
Supplies: Golden Liquid Acrylics: (available at Art Central,) Canvas 16×20 (or what you have in rectangle size,) brushes (bring what you have, I like rigger, flats, rounds and filberts,) Paper towels, Drawing pencil, Mixing palette for your paint (I prefer the Masterson paint palette) its great keeps your paint wet for days (available at Art Central), Small Easel, Water Container
Please contact me for sign-up by phone: 805-481-7545 or email:

Sign up now so you don’t miss out on
this fun and educational event!

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