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We are looking for artists to submit art for our MAY exhibit:


This show is open to all mediums.  Be creative with the theme but tie into the idea of Spring.  Use your imagination and join us!

Drop-off art May 2nd, and pick-up for unsold work is May 29th.

Show Opens Friday May 4th during Art After Dark from 6-8pm.

For more information print out this artist contract: 2018-5 Spring Vistas


“… Blows the thaw-wind pleasantly,
Drips the soaking rain,
By fits looks down the waking sun:
Young grass springs on the plain;
Young leaves clothe early hedgerow trees;
Seeds, and roots, and stones of fruits,
Swollen with sap put forth their shoots;
Curled-headed ferns sprout in the lane;
Birds sing and pair again.

There is no time like Spring,
When life’s alive in everything,
Before new nestlings sing,
Before cleft swallows speed their journey back
Along the trackless track –
God guides their wing,
He spreads their table that they nothing lack, –
Before the daisy grows a common flower
Before the sun has power
To scorch the world up in his noontide hour.”

-stanzas 2 and 3 of poem “Spring” by Christina Rossetti

One more day to see “ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH”

This amazing printmaking exhibit is coming down tomorrow, to make room for our next show, but there’s still time to see it…

  Stop by today! thank you so much to all you amazingly talented printmakers – GREAT SHOW!

Controversial and Empowering SLO High School Exhibit… You’re Invited!

“La Femme”

A San Luis Obispo High School Exhibit about women, for women

Artists Reception during Art After Dark,
Friday, March 2nd from 6-8pm. Show runs through April 3rd.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to the Women’s Shelter Program in San Luis Obispo



With the media exploding with allegations, assault and inequality, it forced the students to ask, “What does it mean to be a women in our society today?”  Each student has taken their own interpretation of the importance of women. Some simply highlighted the female form, others created controversial works that speak to student-believed injustices.

This project idea began with San Luis Obispo High’s Art Club, and has grown into a multidimensional exhibition. The excitement of the students was contagious across all the classes, not just Art Club, but indeed high school students from a broad spectrum.


This exhibit includes contentious content–students of San Luis Obispo High School have embraced the controversial subject with passion and honesty.  Some viewers may find certain parts of the show difficult to look at, but some of the art is meant to stir discourse and discomfort.  We are forced to examine our personal views on the role of art and how it reflects the society in which it is created.  Some of the subjects addressed are beauty, equality, kindness, menstruation, and body shaming.

                                  IMG_1348  IMG_1349

The beauty of this show is who it truly benefits. The student artists have decided to put the art for sale with all the proceeds of the exhibition to be donated to the Women’s Shelter Program in San Luis Obispo, making it a show about women to help women in our community.
The art department teachers helping with this exhibition consist
of Mike Norton, Zach Roper and department head Amanda Eedle.







New Workshop on the Way!

Check out Mary Lou Johnson’s
Exciting new workshop 

Grown Up Finger Painting; Making your own paste paper with Mary Lou Johnson.
Saturday March 3rd, 10:30am-12:30pm
Fee: $20 with $10 Material Fee
Demonstration of making paste paper with paste and acrylic pigments, ink spray, stamps and texture tools. Using Arches Text Wove paper, to be supplied. Play stations will have all tools and materials needed. Paste paper can be used with multi media art, cards, hand lettering and book binding. Bring aprons, its messy fun. Take away will be small booklet including recipes, tips and samples to make in class.
Limited to 4 people per class.
Contact Mary Lou Johnson, 805-441-3246, for questions and registration.

This workshop offers a whole new element to lettering and card making!
Sign up early and don’t miss out!

What a fantastic day!


Thank you for waiting patiently for us to welcome you at 10am…


I’d like to believe that you couldn’t wait to see us, but I imagine that those gift bags packed with goodies might have had something to do with it, too!


Some folks jumped right into the Play stations – This is the best way to learn about and play with new products – Shirley helped folks with Posca markers


Sandy offered artists the chance to try Graham watercolors, Fabriano soft press paper and other watermedia  thumbnail5

KC and participants experimented with pastel pencils, Ampersand Pastelbord, and Pastel Premier sanded paper.  KC is also spearheading a new Pastel Society for our area – this is wonderful news for pastel artists!

thumbnail27a    thumbnail27bthumbnail28

Painting a banner with Abstract Acrylics and Catalyst Silicone blades      thumbnail4

Spencer Poulter did an awesome demonstration in the gallery during the morning. She used Sennelier oil paints and assorted collage materials, and enchanted her audience.  (By the way, she’ll be doing a workshop here at Art Central next month – stay tuned!)

thumbnail3 And you took advantage of the dynamite deals we were offering – everything from the discount on membership renewals to the amazing sales on many cool products!


But the fun didn’t end there …

David Limrite held his viewers spellbound for 3 hours with an opportunity to watch him paint and ask questions –


And children of all ages enjoyed the Play Stations in the afternoon!  

We create this special event as a way to celebrate our success and your creativity – we’re so grateful that so many of you chose to spend a good part of your day with us.  Thank you all!    thumbnail19  





Getting ready to celebrate!

Do any of you remember my very first blog?  I still laugh when I see it – & I still think I’m at least a bit nuts to do this. 

Anyone in the art supply business will tell you that you’ll never get rich selling art supplies – so you either have to have a passion for the products, or you have to be a wee bit insane.  In my case, I’d say both are true.  It’s been a wild ride so far, that’s for sure.  

The funny thing is, when I opened in February 2011, I thought I knew most of the artists who live in our area… WRONG!

I’ve met such incredibly talented, warm, generous people in the last 7 years.  You have enhanced my life.

This Saturday is my way of saying thank you, and celebrating what you’ve given me.  I feel like Art Central really has become a part of the community, and it’s because you believe in what we are trying to achieve.

Thanks are due in no small part to my incredible staff – wonderful talented people in their own right, and patient as anything to deal with me every day.  Will, Melissa, Shauna, Kate – I appreciate you so much. 

And thanks to our wonderful manufacturers and distributors who graciously give us amazing supplies for our gift bags and our play stations.  We appreciate your generosity!

Thank you!





I will gladly pay you today for a hamburger tomorrow…


PRE-book sale!

(pay this Saturday, get next week!)

Cradled Panels, Ampersand Pastelbord and Aquabord, and this beautiful Beechwood Easel…


Please e-mail me at to request pre-order forms for the panels.  Bring completed form in during our anniversary event this Saturday (Feb 10th) with payment, and we’ll order for you.  Delivery expected by Friday, February 16th.

(yes, we’ll have extra forms here at the store!)

Can’t wait for Saturday to arrive … we’re so excited!



birthday logo


Saturday, February 10th ALL DAY!

What can you look forward to?    Demonstrations  ~  Play stations  ~  Great Deals  ~  gift bags STUFFED with amazing art supplies for our first 50 customers

  Come in and try all kinds of products at our Play stations – for all ages and experience levels!  

– Morning Play stations –

Posca markers with Shirley 
Pastels with KC 
Graham watercolors and Connoisseur brushes with Sandy 

And… Try Abstract Acrylics with all kinds of cool tips!  A canvas covered table awaits you!

– Afternoon Play stations for kids –

At 2pm we invite kids ages 7 – 97 to come enjoy more Play stationsThe first 25 will receive gift bags filled with fun, colorful products perfect for younger artists!


 what will be going on in our GALLERY? 

SPENCER POULTER will demonstrate abstract oil painting from 10-12pm.  She combines oils and collage materials to create expressionistic art!

poulter artwork

DAVID LIMRITE  will be painting with acrylic paints and mediums – an “Open Studio” from 1-4pm … Stop by, ask questions, watch his process, then come back and check his progress! 

(Please note, this is not a “sit-down” demonstration)

More gift bag giveaways for kids AND adults at 2pm!  

 And, of course… DEALS GALORE… Don’t miss out!

Look for great prices on these products and so much more…  Saturday ONLY!

* * * (Furniture & large items will be displayed in the gallery!) * * *


Check your inventory on Cradled Panels, Aquabord and Pastelbord, then order Saturday – get the best prices of the year!  (Order forms must be submitted during our event, and delivery should be about 1 week.)