Workshop Reminders

We have two outstanding workshops next week!
Don’t miss out!

Spencer Poulter 2

Abstract Silhouette Painting in Oil with Spencer Poulter
Friday March 23rd, 12-3pm
Fee: $40
This class encompasses creating a fun abstract background with use of oil paints and collage materials. the second half of the class focuses on cutting a silhouette from the background and pulling it forward with contrasting color. This is a three-hour class from 12-3pm at Art Central. Some materials provided. Other materials available for purchase at Art Central. All skill levels welcome!
To Enroll (559) 250-3081

Mary Lou Johnson

Mary Lou Johnson: Introduction to Calligraphy with Italic Script
Saturday March 24th, 10:30am – 3:30pm
Fee: $40
Repeat of class offered last year. Introduction for beginners using a broad edge pen. Letter forms, proportions and a recipe for making Italic letters will be introduced. Beginners will learn to use proper pen angle and letter formation using pilot parallel pens and Speedball Nibs. Practice writing sentiments for greeting cards, such as Happy Birthday, Celebrate, Congratulations and other messages on Arches Text Wove paste paper, card stock and Canson papers to be used in following Card Capers class.
No material fee. Limited to 8 people.
Contact Mary Lou Johnson, 805-441-3246, for questions and registration.

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