“Figuratively Teaching” – YOU’RE INVITED!

-Exhibit of the Students of David Limrite-





“‘Figuratively Teaching’ celebrates the accomplishments of my devoted students. This is a wonderful opportunity for the hardworking artists that have spent time with me in one of my classes or workshops, to share with you the results of their hard work.

I am an artist first, however, I am passionate about teaching and helping artists be the best and most creative artists they can be. My mixed media figure drawing and painting classes are playgrounds that encourage artists to be curious about what a drawing or a painting can be. My classes are all about learning, mark making, decision making and risk taking.

All of this shows up in my students work, and for that, I am very proud.”

David Limrite


Melt Down - Patti Robbins 23x29
“Melt Down” – Patti Robbins
Blue Lipped Beauty - Christine Cortese 24x36
“Blue Lipped Beauty” – Christine Cortese
Bather - Diana Mulder 24x24
“Seated Nude” Diana Mulder
Geisha Girl by Rebecca Simmons 11x11
“Geisha Girl” – Rebecca Simmons
Marc - Marie Ramey
“Marc” – Marie Ramey
Between Acts1 small by arleen blake
“Between Acts” – Arleen Blake
Movement in the landscap - Abby Belknap
“Movement in the landscape” – Abby Belknap
My Guy - Ana Bass 28x36
“My Guy” – Ana Bass
Ready, Willing by KC Caldwell 22x30
“Ready, Willing” – KC Caldwell
Pam Seeley
“Quieting the Rage” Pam Seeley
Stay Awhile - Jeri Edwards 16x20
“Stay Awhile” – Jeri Edwards
Stitched by Kathie Jimison 19x25
“Stitched” – Kathie Jimison
“What If” – Kathy Spencer Canepa
Cathy Bettencourt 15x22
“Day Dream” Cathy Bettencourt
Marsha, Labor Day 2014 - Tracy Paz 33x21
“Marsha, Labor Day 2014” – Tracy Paz
Rebecca Geddes 10.5x13
“Looming (sketchbook)” Rebecca Geddes
Sharon Carro 18x24
“Day One” Sharon Carro
Susan Burgunder 25x30
“Sitting Woman” – Susan Burgunder
Untitled - Patricia Soenke 23x31
“Untitled” – Patricia Soenke
Urban Decay - Sharon Harris 30x24
“Urban Decay” – Sharon Harris

1 thought on ““Figuratively Teaching” – YOU’RE INVITED!”

  1. please put me on your email list with whatever. I buy supplies from you often. Love your store and all you do

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