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You’re Invited! Pastel Exhibit

“Introducing Pastels”

Artists of California Central Coast Pastel Society

Join us for our Artists Reception during Art After Dark on July 6th from 6-8pm.
Show run thru July 31st.



Last opportunity to see our current show “Figuratively Teaching”

The students of David Limrite. Show will be coming down on July 2nd so don’t miss out and stop by this weekend!

Bringing creativity to others…

I know many local artists who truly humble me with their extraordinary talent, dedication and passion.  

But there are countless others who relax and simply find joy from feeling clay squish between their fingers, or cutting and gluing and stamping, or doodling or splattering color…

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It’s so rewarding to be able to offer opportunities to be creative. One of the things I strive to achieve is a way to bring different forms of creativity to all kinds of people.

We just started a new Outreach program, and had our first external event this week at a local independent living facility here in San Luis Obispo.  To be honest, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more; Greg, who led the class, or the participants!

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We’d love to find more opportunities like this one – we’d like to offer these mini-classes to folks of all ages and abilities.  If you happen to know of a group that might be interested in this kind of experience, please let us know!

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keep on creating!


Upcoming Workshops Reminders!

Another dynamo workshop with Drew, plus reminders about great workshops with Kirk and Larry at Art Central next week!

Acrylic Painting Workshop with Drew Davis: “Breaking down the Basics”
Sunday July 15th, 12:30 – 3:30pm
Fee: $45 per person Drew Davis July 15
Drew has over 16 years experience as a professional artist and 4 years of teaching Art workshops. In this 3 hour acrylic painting workshop, He will break down his creative process used to construct vibrant, energetic paintings in an easy-to-understand way. We will explore how to break down images of flowers to create vibrant representational abstract paintings of them. He will share various techniques in how to use color and brush strokes to create movement, balance and energy. There will be individual focus that is unique to each person’s needs. This class is for all skill levels! We will be working from printed photos, but you are welcome to bring your own images. We will be doing several small warm-up pieces and one larger. Paints, brushes and other materials will be provided. Canvas and additional materials can be purchased at Art Central. Snacks will be provided, and you are welcome to BYOB. Come join the fun!
Contact Drew for questions or register at by phone: 805-234-2302, or email:

And remember – these next 2 workshops are coming up fast…

Kirk Cruz Valley of Serenity
The Art of Positive Creating, Fun with Pens and Markers: A workshop with Kirk Cruz
Sunday June 24th, 2 – 4 pm

Fee: $35

How to let go and have fun making art.  This workshop will help you to Explore the different paths of letting go while enjoying your process. Find the freedom that is so important in creating Art.  You’ll find the self-discovery and empowerment, that allows the Artist in you to surface.  All levels of Artist and non-Artist are welcome.  Class materials list is available at Art Central.
Contact Kirk Cruz for questions or registration by texting: (559) 994-2161
or email:

– & –

1Larry Le Brane_BW Drawing_ pencil

Drawing Foundation Series with Larry Le Brane: Drawing Perspective
Thursday June 28th, 5 – 8pm   So Sorry – Cancelled
Fee: $45

Learn how to use 1, 2 & 3-point perspective & apply to drawing forms. A popular class & skill that many students like to re-visit. Larry Le Brane’s “Drawing Foundation Series”: 4 Mini-Classes, each session focuses on specific fundamental drawing skills, learning how to ‘see differently.’ Take only 1 or all sessions. 4 Student minimum. Beginning skill levels. Students get a Material List when class is confirmed.
To Enroll: Contact

Don’t miss out on these inspiring workshops!
Sign up today!

New Drawing Class Announcement

Art Central is happy to host a
portrait drawing workshop

with Spencer Poulter!

JonCollins by Spencer Poulter

Spencer Poulter: “Portrait Drawing and Proportion Training”
Sunday July 8th, 12:30 – 3:30
Fee: 45$ for class 

This drawing class will help train your eye to better understand how to draw portraits. We will be using charcoal pencils and acrylic paint to create gestural images of the human form with an emphasis on the face. I will have a clothed male model present. This class is meant for medium-advanced skill levels.
Supplies needed: 18 x 24 Sketch paper pad, brushes, easels if desired(otherwise we will be working flat on the table.)
Supplies Provided: Black acrylic paint, Vine charcoal, Compressed charcoal
Contact Spencer for questions or registration by phone: (559) 250-3081, or email:

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn (or brush up on) the nuanced and essential skills of portrait drawing with a fun and knowledgeable instructor.  Sign up today!

Workshop & Demo Reminder

Judy Gittelsohn’s
Amazing Acrylic
Workshop & Demonstration
Is Next Week!


Judy Gittelsohn Flower catching a bird 2014

Golden Acrylics Paint Lecture-Demonstration with Judy Gittelsohn
Saturday June 16th, 10:30am-12:30pm
Fee: FREE!

A fast paced one and one half-hour free educational presentation on acrylic paints, gels and mediums: an advanced technical explanation of acrylics, and their inherent possibilities. It covers information about the different types of pigments, viscosities, types of paints, grounds and color mixing. Various gels and mediums are demonstrated. The possibilities will blow your mind. You will learn how to extend paint to save money, and how to mix paints with gels to create unique textural surfaces. Get key information on color mixing, blending and controlling drying time. Learn how to use different products to make surfaces for watercolors, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, oil and soft pastels. Techniques for the use of iridescent and metallic paints will be shown. The lecture covers, lightfastness of pigments and health and safety concerns. The lecture will also include a brief explanation of the new Qor Watercolors and an overview of the stunning color palette of Williamsburg Oils.  A packet of literature and free samples of paint and gels are available for all those who attend.
To Enroll, contact Art Central by email:
or phone us: 805-747-4200


Plants, Places and Trees in 360 Degrees: A Golden Paints Workshop by Judy Gittelsohn
Saturday June 16th, 1:30-4:30pm
Fee: $60 (includes all materials)

Interested in learning more ways to paint and ways to think about painting? This workshop will introduce you to many techniques and methods as well as mine your brain for interesting deep connections and ideas that are possible.  Artist participants will have the opportunity to use all types of paint; Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, Golden Fluid Acrylics, Golden Gels and mediums and more.  We will take one conceptual idea – studying something in the round, with views of 360 degrees and visit it over and over again.  We will study in depth one subject using many techniques.  If you have never painted, want to learn more, or want to jump in a new direction, this will be a useful afternoon. I’ll share my approach and experience with you and you’ll walk away with a fresh and invigorating view.  Please join me.  All levels are welcome.  All materials provided.
To enroll, contact Judy by email: or phone 650-248-5381

Don’t miss out on either one of these chances to learn from such a knowledgeable and talented acrylic painter.
Sign up today!



Call For Artists – reminder for the NEW Central Coast Pastel Society exhibit!

We want your art for our July exhibit


Welcoming the new California Central Coast Pastel Society 


Jim Tyler

This show is open to all styles of pastel painting!

Please note:  artists must be members of the California Central Coast Pastel Society, and membership is open to anyone interested in pastels. They welcome a variety of subject matter, from landscapes to abstracts and everything in between! Come take part in the vibrant and varied world of pastels!

TO DOWNLOAD ENTRY FORM, CLICK HERE:   2018-7 Introducing Pastels

For information on joining the California Central Coast Pastel Society, please contact KC Caldwell by email:

Take-in will be on July 2nd and 3rd, 10am to 4pm (if you’ll be out of town on these dates, please try to coordinate drop-off with a friend!)

Show opens July 6th during Art After Dark from 6-8 pm and runs through July 30th

Announcing MORE workshops!

Art Central workshops designed to inspire, spark, and ignite… 

Don’t miss out!



The Art of Positive Creating, Fun with Pens and Markers:
A workshop with Kirk Cruz

Sunday June 24th, 2 – 4 pm
Fee: $35

How to let go and have fun making art.  This workshop will help you to Explore the different paths of letting go while enjoying your process. Find the freedom that is so important in creating Art.  You’ll find the self-discovery and empowerment, that allows the Artist in you to surface.  All levels of Artist and non-Artist are welcome.  Class materials list is available at Art Central.
Contact Kirk Cruz for questions or registration by texting: (559) 994-2161
or email:

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And… there are a few spaces available in the following workshops! Shirley and Susan are amazing – come and create with them!

Shirley Horacek
“Flower Power – Using Alcohol Inks with Line Design”

Saturday, June 9th, 1:30-4:30 pm
Fee: $25

Alcohol inks and Yupo are a perfect combination for creating flowing bursts of color that will blossom into bright flowers or plants with the addition of white Posca Pen lines. This workshop is pure fun, easy and rewarding.  Most materials will be provided.  Students need only to provide/purchase a white Posca pen with a fine point or point of your choice.  
Contact Shirley Horacek for questions or registration by phone: (805) 929-1614 or email:

Rooster image

Oil Painting Workshop with Susan Jenkins
Rooster on 16”x20” Canvas

Sunday June 10th, 12:30 – 5:00pm
Fee: $75.00

Learn to paint in oil by following along with me as I create a rooster on 16”x20” canvas.  We will draw it in with thinned paint, using odorless thinner. I teach an easy, fast, measuring technique. We will then paint it in with our oils. I do not use a medium.  This class will be about painting a rooster, measuring and drawing and painting!  All levels are welcome.
Paint colors:  Cadmium yellow light (I use Azo Yellow Graham, you may use the yellow of your choice) * Cadmium orange * Yellow ochre * Naphthol red or Cadmium red * Alizarin Crimson * Dioxazine purple * Ultramarine blue * Phthalo blue * Ivory black * Burnt umber * Titanium white.
Brushes:  2,4,6 Bristle filbert
You will need:  Odorless thinner, paper towels, palette and palette knife for mixing as needed.  See you there!!
To Enroll, please contact Susan Jenkins by email:


It was a great weekend!

This past weekend was packed with creative fun… here are some highlights!

Art After Dark at Art Central 

We had an awesome turnout at the opening reception of David Limrite’s students in “Figuratively Teaching” last Friday during Art After Dark! It was so much fun talking with the amazing artists in the show (some are pictured below).


Watercolor Workshop with Tracy Taylor

Tracy’s under-watercolor class filled our gallery on Saturday, everyone had a blast creating vibrant watercolor paintings of sea animals and plants. The finished pieces are breathtaking! 


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Abstract Acrylics with Drew Davis 

Drew taught another amazing workshop on Sunday! Working mostly from imagination, we used various techniques in color and brushstroke to create movement. Everyone had a blast learning from Drew and creating energetic abstract paintings!