New Drawing Class Announcement

Art Central is happy to host a
portrait drawing workshop

with Spencer Poulter!

JonCollins by Spencer Poulter

Spencer Poulter: “Portrait Drawing and Proportion Training”
Sunday July 8th, 12:30 – 3:30
Fee: 45$ for class 

This drawing class will help train your eye to better understand how to draw portraits. We will be using charcoal pencils and acrylic paint to create gestural images of the human form with an emphasis on the face. I will have a clothed male model present. This class is meant for medium-advanced skill levels.
Supplies needed: 18 x 24 Sketch paper pad, brushes, easels if desired(otherwise we will be working flat on the table.)
Supplies Provided: Black acrylic paint, Vine charcoal, Compressed charcoal
Contact Spencer for questions or registration by phone: (559) 250-3081, or email: spencerpoulter@yahoo.com

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn (or brush up on) the nuanced and essential skills of portrait drawing with a fun and knowledgeable instructor.  Sign up today!

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