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Coloring for Adults

Finding and Using Color in Painting

with Sydney Hall

Coloring for Adults…Finding and Using Color in Painting with Sydney Hall
Saturday, August 18, 12:30-3:30 pm
Fee: $35

Vibrancy of Color – This painting class will focus on the fundamentals essential to oil painting. Emphasis is placed on properly starting a painting and relationships found within a subject. We will discuss equipment, design concepts, abstraction, tone, color, and paint handling. Fine tuning will be ongoing and we will explore and learn to see color; simplifying your creation; shadow planes vs. light planes; color change vs. value change; perspective; pushing distance; adding the opposite on the color wheel does not make your shadow color; white is not the answer to making something lighter; and more. We will have fun and laugh a lot as well. I look forward to working with you! This particular class is expressly for oil painters.

All levels welcome, no experience needed. (Students will be emailed a supply list when class is confirmed. A list may also be picked up at Art Central.)

Intended for adults (this particular class is not for children.)

Five student minimum; payments to be received by Tuesday August 14th, please.

Interested students should contact Sydney Hall by email: with Art Central Oil Painting Workshop in the subject line or phone: 805-782-9288.

Sign up today!

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