Cool Insights into Very Cool Products!

Every year, manufacturers of art supplies have sponsored artists demonstrating art materials at trade shows.  We were delighted to see that one of our distributors decided to record this year’s event!  Click on the images below to see cool videos where experts showcase each of these products, and explain their uses and techniques.  This is a great way to learn from artists who know these products inside and out!

Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink

Hand lettering with Winsor Newton Drawing Inks

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

Watercolor Your World beyond paper with Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

Yupo Paper

Legions Yupo Paper and Jacquard Pinata Alcohlol Ink

Pebeo’s 4 Artist Markers

Pebeos 4artist markers

Pentel Solarpop, Popcolor, and Milky Gel Pens

Pentel Adds a POP of Color With Milky, Sparkle and Solar Pop Gel Pens

There are some great tricks and techniques in these videos.  And if you haven’t seen these products yet, get ready to

get inspired!

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