Events and Sales, fundraiser

Our Fundraiser SALE has begun!

So much great stuff! 

Sketchpads and journals, canvases, various paints, fine papers (mostly printmaking and watercolor), print racks, books, light fixtures, palettes, and a TON of frames – all  styles and sizes – (I’m guessing we have between 200 and 300!)

There are so many frames, we realized we just can’t start to price them!

SO…  make us an offer! 

Keep in mind we appreciate generosity because this is, after all, a fundraiser, but we also don’t want to pack up what is left over – so come, browse and help us help an art student get a scholarship!

Come in Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during our regular store hours and get while the selection is great!

Please – Cash or check ONLY – no credit or debit cards can be accepted for fundraiser items.

STORE HOURS – Thursday and Friday 10-5:30pm, Saturday 10-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm

and remember… we will be closed Monday and Tuesday – happy New Year!

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