Events and Sales

More great stuff added to our fundraising sale!

Have you ever looked in my office?  It is the equivalent of a junk closet.  Why? because when we get samples, or products that aren’t perfect, I hoard them.  Not for myself, but to give away – there is always someone who will appreciate a slightly dented tube of paint, a sample pad of paper, etc, etc.

Needless to say, it can get to be too much, so this morning I ruthlessly grabbed 80% of aforementioned bits and pieces, and carted them out to add to the sale.  

Come in and take advantage!  There are still some great items, like print racks, easels, assorted odds and ends, and we probably still have about 50 frames left. There is also some lovely artwork that was donated.  

The sale will go through 4pm today, and since we’ll be closed Monday and Tuesday, last chance will be Wednesday, until about 1pm.  After that we’ll box up what’s left and donate it.

Happy New Year!

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