2 Fun-tabulous workshops this weekend!

We still have room in these creative art classes!

SATURDAY – colorful polymer clay!

Learn how to make beautiful Millefiori canes for beads and much more


with SHAUNA and ETTY


ALL AGES – Come by with your kids or your parents!
FEE: $10 each, SOME materials included 

Handmake your own creative beads, the possibilities are endless. Sit down with brightly colored oven-bake clay… relax and create beads for personalized necklaces, bracelets, key chains, or earrings as a gift or for yourself to enjoy!

Materials available to purchase at time of class
-minimum of 2 colors of Sculpey clay, variety of colors available in store.

To enroll, email us:


SUNDAY – Learn to paint ‘3D printer’ figures

All you need is a brush and your imagination!

SUNDAY, JUNE 2nd, 1 – 4PM



ALL AGES – Bring your friends and family!
FEE: $45 each

Color your Sunday afternoon by learning how to paint your very own finely detailed mini-figure from start to finish while having a great time getting hands-on with a brush and your imagination.

All skill levels are encouraged and welcome and we will customize your experience accordingly.

If you have never painted a 3D figure of any kind, this is the time and place to try it! You will learn all the basics about the entire process from choosing your supplies to having a fully painted model in your hand to bring home after the class.

If you are familiar with model painting, this workshop will be a great way to practice your painting skills while working on a new model, ask questions and learn new painting techniques.

We will provide: small plastic model and a selection of acrylic model paints. 

What you need to bring to class: brushes, palette, cup for water. 
You can also bring your own model and paint if you like.
-If you don’t have something from the list, supplies are available for purchase at Art Central.

About the instructor: Andrew Hagan is a long time artist, hobbyist and experienced model painter. He loves painting figures for table-top war games. He won several prizes with his painting skills.

To enroll, contact Andrew by phone: (732) 268-9915 or email:

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