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Judy’s GOLDEN ACRYLICS workshop: “PAINTING SYMBOLS” is this Saturday!

This Saturday, join Judy from 1:30 – 4:30pm!

SAT, NOV 2nd, 1:30PM – 4:30PM
FEE: $70
Transform letters, words and symbols into paintings with GOLDEN Paints Certified Instructor, Judy Gittelsohn. In this workshop, students will explore the interpretive nature of words and their meanings, by choosing letters, dissecting them, and responding to them using various Golden Paints and mediums. This is an opportunity to be a poet, a painter, a priest…(you might need other certification to be the priest) but the poet and painter, you can do here with me. Learn how to use Golden materials and at the same time learn how to mine your mind. Find things that are familiar and turn them into tender, sensitive and meaningful poetry through the medium of paint. We will explore Golden Heavy Body Acrylics, Golden Fluid Acrylics, Golden High Flow Acrylics and Golden Gels. This is an intense course for all levels of abilities. If you can write, you can paint. If you can paint, you can dramatically change the way you perceive and process experiences and emotions.
To enroll, contact Judy Gittelsohn at or 650-248-5381


Also, Saturday morning, Judy will be offering a free demo on Golden Acrylics!

NOVEMBER 2nd, 10:30am – 12:30pm
FREE! Registration required. please e-mail us at to reserve your space!

The Golden lecture/demo is a fast paced one and one half-hour free educational presentation on acrylic paints, gels and mediums: an advanced technical explanation of acrylics, and their inherent possibilities. It covers information about the different types of pigments, viscosities, types of paints, grounds and color mixing. Various gels and mediums are demonstrated. Did you know you can alter the surface and the texture with Gels? Do you know which Gels you like? You will learn many ways to paint and advance your work. I will explain the properties of Heavy Body, Fluids, and High Flow.
The possibilities will blow your mind.
You will learn how to extend paint to save money, and how to mix paints with gels to create unique textural surfaces. Get key information on color mixing, blending and controlling drying time. Learn how to use different products to make surfaces for watercolors, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, oil and soft pastels. Techniques for the use of iridescent and interference paints will be shown. The lecture covers, lightfastness of pigments and health and safety concerns.
A packet of literature and free samples of paint and gels are available for all those who attend.

AND… be sure to visit Judy at her reception at “NOURISH” on Friday evening for Art After Dark!

(located at 1126 Morro Street in San Luis Obispo!)

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