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This too shall pass!

dear friends – effective tomorrow evening at 5pm (Thursday March 19th), we in SLO County will officially be on “shelter-at-home” status – see this link for more info:

I know that we can weather the storm, and to be honest, I could use a bit of time at home – a stay-cation will give me an opportunity to do some (ok … a lot) of weeding, maybe plant those heirloom tomato seeds a friend gave me (if i can find them) and – OMG – maybe – I can clean the house.  Naaahhhh.  But I WILL bring home some of my encaustic supplies and work on a new piece.  It’s been too long, and I need to rejuvenate and rediscover my own creativity.

We’ll be open tomorrow until 4:59pm.  Please think about any supplies you may need for the next two weeks (at least – it could be 30 days) and stop in to grab them. I feel like I’m letting you down by closing, even though it is out of my control.

Rest assured that as soon as this passes – and it will pass – that we’ll be back in biz, and we’ll be refreshed and rested, and delighted to be working again.

Please stay safe and stay creative!

etty & staff

19 thoughts on “This too shall pass!”

  1. Thanks Etty for keeping us posted. You’re the best. A good time to regroup and create. Stay well my friend, and as my dear late Italian husband would say: “Andra tutto bene” – “Everything will be alright.” xoxooxxoxo Pam


  2. Etty take care and you do need a break, but I hope all this will pass fast. Enjoy the gardening and creative time 🙂 Hilda

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  3. So very sad scary and absolutely unbelievable. Etty you are wonderful. I’ll miss this possibility of visiting. See you on the flip side. Hopefully not too long. Who would have guessed❤️Happy creating. Ana

    Peace and show kindness Ana


  4. Thanks, Etty! I am new to your wonderful store as we just moved to Paso Robles. I am an intermediate watercolor artist. How about holding online classes? I was getting set to sign up for classes, now I can’t attend with this latest Shelter At Home order. How about more online contact?
    Be safe and stay healthy.

  5. Hi Etty,

    You have a great attitude. This shelter at home order may (_*MAY*_) if we’re lucky prevent us from getting to the place where we have 8 people who need an ICU bed and ventilator and we only have 3 open. That’s what’s happening in Europe. I hope people take this seriously. I’ve heard a lot of “no big deal”. Bullshit. This is a huge deal.

    Stay well,


  6. No problem….we all have enough extra supplies stuck in drawers and shelves to work for weeks. In a pinch I could go back to collage if, God forbid i ran out of water color or acrylic.
    Plant those tomatoes, take the dog to the beach and enjoy some time off.
    Stay safe.
    Sue LaCabe

  7. Etty: Miss you. Can’t wait to see the creativity that emerges during your staycation! Stay safe and healthy XOX

  8. etty, Stay safe and healthy. Sounds like you have some therapeutic activities planned on the home front.

    Looking forward to teaching calligraphy classes whenever the virus passes and we can resume our lives within our community.

    Thank you, Mary Lou

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  9. Hi Etty!Do you have a Gamblin’s Reclaimed Earth Colors Oil Paint set in stock?  And if not would you put one on you next order … whenever that may be! Be well and enjoy your down and [stetile] hugs ^j^~~~~~~~~~~ I tried to be normal once . . .worst two minutes of my life ~~~~~~~~~~~

  10. I’m thinking this’ll be the perfect time to start using all those great art supplies I’ve gotten from you in the past, but never used. I whole new style may emerge! Happy weeding & whatever!

  11. Hi Etty, I have been meeting with people on the Zoom app. Their website is May be a way to share our projects and get to see smiling faces.
    Also gift cards are a great way to support our favorite businesses while they are required to take a break. We have been buying some restaurant gift cards and promising to hold them until they are open for customers again. I see you have gift cards too… great.
    Best wishes to you, your puppy, and your tomatoes. Hope we all see you soon. Nancy

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