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Need ideas?

Hi, all – Thanks to all of you who have been sending amazing art images – the creativity is astounding!  Our next virtual gallery will go out this Friday – Can we have one of your images?

Please, please, please – when you send images, don’t reply to this e-mail.  It is a “DoNotReply” e-mail, and images just won’t attach.  Don’t know why, but they don’t.  Super frustrating for us!  😦   E-mail your images to  Also use that e-mail if you are placing an order.  And it’s so helpful if you include your name and the word “order” in the subject line.  If you have questions, please call us during pick-up times (Mon – Fri, 9am-1pm) at 805-747-4200.

Need inspiration?  Here are a couple of videos – many thanks to Hilda and Nic!

Hilda Vandergriff – Children’s bunny watercolor lesson   hilda bunny

Nic Stover – Inspirational Video for photographersHe is also offering a Webinar – please visit Nic Stover for more info!

We’d love to see and share more things like this – please let us know if you can share!

People need beauty now more than ever, so I’d like to issue a challenge: 

Make art that can be seen by more than just the folks that see our blog!  Place your paintings in the window of your house facing the street… weave ribbons through your fence… do a chalk painting in your driveway… paint your mailbox… the possibilities are endless!

I live near a popular walking path.  This morning I took Casey for a walk, and set 4 painted rocks out on the path for people to see. (I’m enjoying the doodling – so Zen!)  These are the ones I put out this morning… nothing to write home about, but they were my warmups.  rocks5

Here’s one that I did yesterday – I’m kind of attached to it, but I’ll probably put it out at the end of my driveway.  rock3

I’m feeling the need to use brilliant colors – for those of you who know my watercolors, you’re probably shocked.  Yeah, well, meet my other side!


Stay creative, peeps – Hopefully it’ll keep you sane!


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