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It was a great weekend!

This past weekend was packed with creative fun… here are some highlights!

Art After Dark at Art Central 

We had an awesome turnout at the opening reception of David Limrite’s students in “Figuratively Teaching” last Friday during Art After Dark! It was so much fun talking with the amazing artists in the show (some are pictured below).


Watercolor Workshop with Tracy Taylor

Tracy’s under-watercolor class filled our gallery on Saturday, everyone had a blast creating vibrant watercolor paintings of sea animals and plants. The finished pieces are breathtaking! 


thumbnail (1)

Abstract Acrylics with Drew Davis 

Drew taught another amazing workshop on Sunday! Working mostly from imagination, we used various techniques in color and brushstroke to create movement. Everyone had a blast learning from Drew and creating energetic abstract paintings!





A Kickstarter Art Central is proud to be a part of!

Turning pollution into Art.

How a small group of visionaries is using  this big idea to improve the world!
And Gamblin Paints is on board:

-– Gamblin Artists Colors is excited to be partnering with John Sabraw and his colleagues at Ohio University to help turn pollution into beautiful, non-toxic paint.

“The idea of turning pollution into pigment, which can live in the world for centuries within an oil painting, while having a net-positive impact on the environment is so exciting – we wanted to be part of it,” says Scott Gellatly, Gamblin Product Manager. “The idea was the first thing – but the fact that it yields such beautiful, inspiring colors is what secured our interest in partnering with John and his team.” 

“The Kickstarter campaign is the first step in Ohio University’s efforts to produce these pigments on a larger scale. Once their goal has been realized, we will be working together to make these colors more broadly available to painters, so their project can economically sustain itself in the future. We greatly appreciate the support John and his team has received from our community of painters and from independent retailers such as Art Central Art Supply.”


Art Central has contributed to this amazing program and we hope you will, too!
Take a moment to view their Kickstarter page and find out more.

A few days ago, I spoke to Scott at Gamblin, and expressed my excitement about this project.  I asked him if I could get a tube of the color to give to Libby Tolley, so that she could try it out and let me know what she thought.  She stopped by Art Central yesterday, picked it up, and painted with it today.  She called me this evening, buzzing with enthusiasm, and was happy to share her thoughts, which she then e-mailed to me.  I am attaching her letter here:

“Today I had the opportunity to try Gamblin’s Reclaimed Earth Violet.  Before I painted with it, I gave it the mixing test.  I mixed it with my palette that I use for painting on location or for studio landscape paintings. 

As an artist that chooses to paint natural light and color, I found the hue (color) to be a companion to my palette. The  Reclaimed Earth Violet is a grayed violet that can be pushed warmer or cooler and it does not take over another mineral color…   The pigment and brush ability passed my test.  If this paint becomes available I will incorporate it on my palette. 

To this end, hoping there will be new earth friendly archival colors that we as artists can choose to use, I have donated to help this research.”

Elizabeth Tolley


Gamblin Limited AMD paint + pigments


We CAN make a difference.

What’s the line-up for the BIG day’s events?!


We have such great stuff lined up for you to see and try! 

In the gallery – Demonstrations and an opportunity to TRY STUFF!!!

10:30am – Winsor & Newton NEW Pigment Markers – totally blendable – and they won’t fade!  JohnMark will offer you the opportunity to try them!


12pm – Ever want to just try encaustic briefly, to see if it’s as much fun as it seems to be?  With Flo, you’ll get the opportunity!  We’ll have R&F Encaustic cakes and pigment sticks, & Ampersand Encausticbords to work with!


1pm – Try FW Acrylic Ink and Golden High Flow Acrylics with Sandy, and learn about some great gesso, too!  Try it, you’ll like it!


2pm – Watch Sandra paint using Holbein Watersoluble DUO Oil paints.  And while she is doing this, Dawn will have canvas so that you can try it, too!



10am – Play with Dawn & try a whole bunch of great stuff made by GLOBAL – they have great papers, and all kinds of amazing products to use with them – including a NEW product that I’m not going to tell you about, other than to say it is SO cool!  You’ll have opportunities to try everything!


10am – Sandy will be showcasing a product that WE DON’T SELL!!  Huh?  Kuretake has some fantastic markers – and we want to know if you like them!  She will have an assortment out for you to try, AND… if you like ’em, buy some!  We have a display of them that we brought in JUST for the anniversary, and they will all be on sale.  If y’all like them, tell us, and we’ll make them a permanent part of our inventory!


11:30am – Sandy will give you the opportunity to try NITRAM Charcoal – tell us how you like it!  Beautiful velvety sticks – YUM!


12pm – Try GOLD LEAF!  It is so much easier than it looks!


2pm – Do you love the look of PATINAS? Have you ever wanted to try to mimic that wonderful oxidized look of antique metal?  Come and play  – it’s so easy to do, and the effects are awesome!


2pm – Join Will as he shows off the pigment markers that JohnMark will have demonstrated earlier – along with a couple of other awesome new products!  FUN!


ALL DAY PLAYSTATION:  Try CRETACOLOR Woodless Watercolor Pencils – rich creamy color and awesome detail to go with it!   We’ll have Ampersand Aquabord and Global Watercolor paper to try them on!


ALL DAY PLAYSTATION:  Try Fabric painting with TEE-JUICE MARKERS!  Paint on our canvas bags, or bring your own cloth to color!  Great markers, rich and vibrant – easy heat-set and go!




We want your artwork in our November/ December Show!


Eileen Braun Ornaments

GROUP SHOW at Art Central Gallery!

We are looking for your art priced under $100…What a great opportunity to sell small work for the holidays!!! This exhibit will hang from November 6th through Jan 4th.   Artists reception Art After Dark on November 6th… a great time for artists to meet with the public and to invite friends and relatives. If you make small items like artistic ornaments, tiles, or mugs, bring them in!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
  Got questions? e-mail us:

And we’d love to use your work in our advertising!   Please email us images of your artwork you plan on submitting (be sure to include your name, artwork title and medium!)

Artwork drop-off is Wednesday, NOVEMBER 4th!

Original art, prints, & 3-D work are all welcome! 

(Sorry, no jewelry at this time!)

Be creative, and show us what you’ve got! 

DOWNLOAD ENTRY FORM HERE!  2015-11 Little Treasures

The 12×12 Sale is Coming to an End

Our deals on 12×12
gallery wrapped canvases and cradled panels
is over at the end of July

aa panelsAAgallery12x12



12×12 Sale!

Great Deals on 12″x12″ Panels & Gallery Wrapped Canvas!

aa panelsAAgallery12x12

Once again, Art Central is proud to be hosting this year’s

Open Studio Art Tour’s

 “ 12x12x12  Preview Show “ 

 Proudly presented by 
Arts Obispo

Thru the end of JULY, Art Central will be selling select 12×12 cradled panels and stretched canvas at AMAZING discounts…


You’re Invited!

 Join us for our June show

" L O C A L  V I S T A S "

An exhibit of work showcasing the inspiring beauty of the central coast’s landscapes

  Roberta Fountain CerroSanLuis

Roberta Fountain, “Cerro San Luis”


Guillermo Willie Bishop PeakGuillermo Willie, “Bishop’s Peak”

Diane Broyles Santa Margarita
Diane Broyles, “Santa Margarita Walk”

Cheryl Strahl Sunset From The Vineyard
Cheryl Strahl, “Sunset from the Vineyard”

Peter Carnes AM Frost LOVR
Peter Carnes, “AM Frost”

Come check out these beautiful Landscapes and many more during our Artist’s reception on Art After Dark, Friday, June 5th 2015 from 6-8pm.

Show will run through June 30th

SPECIAL Golden Artist Colors Demo and Workshop! Saturday, March 14th!


We are hosting a Golden Artist Colors demonstration and workshop on MARCH 14th!

TO SIGN UP for demo and / or workshop, please e-mail us at  Please include your name and phone#! 

Demonstration (morning, 10-12pm) is free, but sign-up in advance is required.  We have room for 25 MAXIMUM.

Workshop (afternoon, 1-4pm) is $65, and includes paints and brushes.  You will need to purchase your own canvas, board, etc.  (4 are recommended, try working on different surfaces!)  no larger than 9×12 or 10×10, please.  We have room for 12 MAXIMUM.  If there is a huge response, we will do a second workshop on Sunday, March 15th, from 12-3pm.  Registration must be accompanied by payment, please!  Cash or check only.  Please make checks payable to Art Central. 


Saturday, March 14    

Time: 10 am-12 noon.

Instructor:  Certified Golden Paints working artist –  Judy Gittelsohn (


This is a free educational presentation on acrylic paints and mediums is a fantastic overview – including “new kid on the block”, Golden High-Flow Acrylics with its remarkable ink-like viscosity.  The lecture is an advanced technical explanation of acrylics.  You will be shown some examples of gels and mediums which work very well with the High Flow and the traditional Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylics.  We’ll cover the different types of pigments & their qualities of light fastness, and compare them to traditional Heavy Bodied Acrylic and Fluid Acrylic.  Will also discuss health and safety concerns.  Literature and free samples of paint and mediums for all those who attend. (See instructor info below.)


A Great Workshop with Fantastic Golden High Flow Paints and Mediums  – $65

Saturday, March 14, 1-4 pm.  (Min. 6; max 12.)

Instructor:  Judy Gittelsohn (

 Judy Gittelsohn wkshp 3

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore with gusto!  Participants will engage in 6 exercises (or more) using a range of Golden products with an emphasis on the new High Flow Acrylics. We will understand how the Golden High Flow differs from Heavy Body and Fluid Acrylics and how to best enjoy these “ink-like” acrylic paints in our own artwork.

Judy Gittelsohn wkshp 1

You arrive ready to paint with a curious mind. I bring the brushes, refillable markers and Golden paints.  You may purchase your surfaces of choice, no larger than 9×12, 10×10, etc.  We will experience grounds such as micaceous iron oxide and light molding paste, and will discuss layering and glazes.


About Judy Gittelsohn


Judy Gittelsohn has been painting in the Bay Area for over 30 years and has been a Golden Paints Working Artist since 2001. She studied at the SF Art Institute and has exhibited widely in California. Gittelsohn has received grants to teach art to developmentally disabled individuals, people recovering from illness or injury, and at-risk youth.

 Judy Gittelsohn Flower catching a bird 2014


Artist Statement

My recent paintings are large acrylic color studies of words, letters, symbols and potions. These characters are placed in an atmosphere and rendered like a portrait. I like to take philosophical turns and twists on these everyday symbols. It is their emotion and character that I aim to reveal. My letters do not have to stand or support; they can float and fly and disappear and reveal. Paint can take us where physics cannot.

While my subject is contemporary, my approach is traditional. Layers of blended paint, shaped and forged, form my oversized view of each subject. The final image resembles enlarged pop art. The traditional painting approach and my close look at language and symbols is unexpected. I enjoy translating common symbols into visual compositions and telling a new story.


Judy Gittlesohn Odyssey, 2013 40 x 72


Love Art Central? Come, and have fun!

We have been working SO hard to make our 4th anniversary event a fantastic day for you… great deal$, great demos, great opportunities to try product…  thank you so much, all of our awesome customers, for helping us to achieve this milestone!

Here is some of what you can expect to see this Saturday! 

Our “main attractions” demonstrations will be held in our gallery, each will be about an hour long:

Laure Carlisle  will offer a colorful demo in the morning, using the new Golden High Flow acrylics!

art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_01   art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_04

Tricia Reichert will demonstrate the new NITRAM Charcoal Sticks in the early afternoon!


Both artists will have some examples of their art hanging in the gallery all day – (if you fall in love with one of their paintings, they will be available for purchase!)

In addition, we will have demonstrations and play-stations throughout the day in the store.

Check out the NEW colors by Art-Graf called “Earth Colors”, and use them on Global’s new 100% rag cold press watercolor paper.  These beauties can be used dry on dry paper, dry on wet paper, wet on dry paper – OHHH!  THE POSSIBILITIES!  Meet Dawn, our sales rep for this company – she can answer all of your questions!  (Morning, again late afternoon)

art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_08   art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_03

We’ll be offering the opportunity to try a “blind taste test” with the Nitram Charcoal  (no, you won’t actually taste them!)  See if you can tell the difference between 4 different brands of charcoal sticks!  Sandy will be handing out samples freely – don’t miss out!  (Morning, again late afternoon)

Watch as William demonstrates how easy it is to do GOLD LEAF.  I have been selling this product for years, and I always thought it was so complicated!  Wow – it’s actually pretty easy!  We’ll have plenty for you to try – check it out!   (Mid-day)


Stephanie will be doing a demonstration using very cool metallic water-based paints & PATINAS made by Sophisticated Finishes – watch as the items she paints oxidize before your eyes!   Imagine adding touches of these paints to your paintings, or refinishing a tired old frame?…   (Mid-day)


Sandy has never done a Gelli-Plate monoprint before, but she’s such a trooper, she’s going to show everyone how to do it!  Be there to cheer her on, and try it yourself!  You can try all kinds of fun products at this table – the High Flow Acrylics, Catalyst Blades, Gelli-Plates…  have a love affair with color and texture!  (early afternoon)


And …….

WHAT else, you ask, can you expect?  what kind of deal$?…

Far too many to list them all, but all of the above products will be on sale, of course, and LOTS more…

Select Easels and Chairs… great discounts!

Select brushes… 50% off… Holbein Watercolors and Gouache… 50% off… Grumbacher Oil Painting Mediums… 50% off…

Print bins, both canvas & wooden ones – up to 60% off!

Select Frames on Clearance – great prices!

Select Portfolios – 30 – 40% off!

Select Higgins Inks – 35% off!

And, as always, a deal on renewing your membership!

(there’s more, but you’ll have to come in to see!)

And don’t forget the pre-buys on Montana Gold spray paint and the Cradled wood panels!


* We have gotten a TON of support from our manufacturers and distributors – They are the ones to thank for all the goodies that will be in the gift bags that our first 50 customers will receive.  




National Juried Encaustic Exhibit

brush (1)

Cash and product awards

Juror:  Eileen Goldenberg

New submission deadline:  JUNE 15th!

CD’s containing artwork  must be submitted to Art Central by 6/15/14

Please view the attached prospectus for details:  2014-8 Wax Effects

Sponsored in part by RF Paints  RF Logo

Art Central Gallery & Art Supply    

1329 Monterey Street     San Luis Obispo, CA  93401