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TAKE 10…. this week only!

This week – thru Saturday, May 20th…

ALL CLEARANCE – extra 10% off !

 This week ONLY!


Graphite and Erasers… the choices are ENDLESS!

Why are there so many graphite pencils?


“H” indicates a harder pencil which leaves a fairly light mark.  The higher the number, the harder the lead, the lighter the line.  

“B” indicates a softer lead, which leaves a darker mark.   The higher the number, the softer the lead & the darker the line.  

This wide range allows for rich and realistic depth and perspective.  imageshv5gm88f


AND… Just as important as your grade and type of graphite is the eraser to match it!

Erasers like the Art Gum crumble away with the removal of graphite, thus being very gentle. artgum


Vinyl erasers are very tough and will even erase some pen. imagesYC5S4BIQ.jpg



Kneaded erasers are very versatile in shape and can be renewed by kneading them.  (They don’t make a mess, so if you’re sketching someplace that might frown upon eraser shavings, kneaded erasers are pretty handy.)kneaded.png


For small areas there are clickable erasers and electric erasers.



 For extra fine details, use an eraser pencil. These sharpen just like a regular pencil.


Keep sketching, feel free to erase…. and create something beautiful!

The 12×12 Sale is Coming to an End

Our deals on 12×12
gallery wrapped canvases and cradled panels
is over at the end of July

aa panelsAAgallery12x12



12×12 Sale!

Great Deals on 12″x12″ Panels & Gallery Wrapped Canvas!

aa panelsAAgallery12x12

Once again, Art Central is proud to be hosting this year’s

Open Studio Art Tour’s

 “ 12x12x12  Preview Show “ 

 Proudly presented by 
Arts Obispo

Thru the end of JULY, Art Central will be selling select 12×12 cradled panels and stretched canvas at AMAZING discounts…


Love Art Central? Come, and have fun!

We have been working SO hard to make our 4th anniversary event a fantastic day for you… great deal$, great demos, great opportunities to try product…  thank you so much, all of our awesome customers, for helping us to achieve this milestone!

Here is some of what you can expect to see this Saturday! 

Our “main attractions” demonstrations will be held in our gallery, each will be about an hour long:

Laure Carlisle  will offer a colorful demo in the morning, using the new Golden High Flow acrylics!

art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_01   art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_04

Tricia Reichert will demonstrate the new NITRAM Charcoal Sticks in the early afternoon!


Both artists will have some examples of their art hanging in the gallery all day – (if you fall in love with one of their paintings, they will be available for purchase!)

In addition, we will have demonstrations and play-stations throughout the day in the store.

Check out the NEW colors by Art-Graf called “Earth Colors”, and use them on Global’s new 100% rag cold press watercolor paper.  These beauties can be used dry on dry paper, dry on wet paper, wet on dry paper – OHHH!  THE POSSIBILITIES!  Meet Dawn, our sales rep for this company – she can answer all of your questions!  (Morning, again late afternoon)

art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_08   art_central_anniversary_fliers4_Page_03

We’ll be offering the opportunity to try a “blind taste test” with the Nitram Charcoal  (no, you won’t actually taste them!)  See if you can tell the difference between 4 different brands of charcoal sticks!  Sandy will be handing out samples freely – don’t miss out!  (Morning, again late afternoon)

Watch as William demonstrates how easy it is to do GOLD LEAF.  I have been selling this product for years, and I always thought it was so complicated!  Wow – it’s actually pretty easy!  We’ll have plenty for you to try – check it out!   (Mid-day)


Stephanie will be doing a demonstration using very cool metallic water-based paints & PATINAS made by Sophisticated Finishes – watch as the items she paints oxidize before your eyes!   Imagine adding touches of these paints to your paintings, or refinishing a tired old frame?…   (Mid-day)


Sandy has never done a Gelli-Plate monoprint before, but she’s such a trooper, she’s going to show everyone how to do it!  Be there to cheer her on, and try it yourself!  You can try all kinds of fun products at this table – the High Flow Acrylics, Catalyst Blades, Gelli-Plates…  have a love affair with color and texture!  (early afternoon)


And …….

WHAT else, you ask, can you expect?  what kind of deal$?…

Far too many to list them all, but all of the above products will be on sale, of course, and LOTS more…

Select Easels and Chairs… great discounts!

Select brushes… 50% off… Holbein Watercolors and Gouache… 50% off… Grumbacher Oil Painting Mediums… 50% off…

Print bins, both canvas & wooden ones – up to 60% off!

Select Frames on Clearance – great prices!

Select Portfolios – 30 – 40% off!

Select Higgins Inks – 35% off!

And, as always, a deal on renewing your membership!

(there’s more, but you’ll have to come in to see!)

And don’t forget the pre-buys on Montana Gold spray paint and the Cradled wood panels!


* We have gotten a TON of support from our manufacturers and distributors – They are the ones to thank for all the goodies that will be in the gift bags that our first 50 customers will receive.  


Hi, all!

We’ve decided to try opening on SUNDAYS!

William is willing to be here… so if you need something, come on in!  (it might be good to call us first, just to be on the safe side.)  We’re going to see what the response is before we decide to make it permanent.  (hours will be 12-4pm)

Please make sure you tell him that you read about it in our blog, so that we know how you heard…



Circle Art Central Logo

HO, HO, HO!!!

Hi, everyone!

I’ve been a busy girl, playing Santa’s art-supply elf … It’s SO much fun finding new and cool stuff for the store! 

As we did last year, we are putting ALL of our “BEST” wooden easels on sale – 40% off!  (and some other brands, too!)   AND – once again there is a manufacturer rebate on the BEST easels, on TOP of our sale price.  SAY WHAT?!!!

Logan just assembled several of these beauties –  put a ribbon on ’em and they’re ready to go!

From this incredible “Santa Fe”…


to the simple yet elegant “Navajo”…


and these adorable children’s easels are on sale, too!


Plus, we’ve gotten in a selection of drafting tables, print racks, taborets, as well as gift sets for all ages and abilities!

(PSSST… Lots more than what is pictured… & many of them are sale-priced lower than our standard member discount prices!)


Please know that we’re going to be E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G the store!  The first week of January, the place is going to be a crazy mess, as we move the wall that separates gallery from store.  We will be open for business, but I gotta tell you, it might be a bit tough to find what you want if you’re looking for oil paint, watercolors, or anything else that currently sits on those shelves!  You might just want to try to make it in before January 3rd!

We hope to do the re-model within 2 days – at least that’s my goal…  but we will ask you to be patient with us during that first week.  Growing pains, right?

But yes, that’s right, we are expanding BECAUSE we’re doing great, and it’s all because you are SO supportive of us!  Especially during the holiday season, I really want to thank all of you for being our customers – you’re helping us become the the best store & gallery that we can be!

We wish you all a wonderful holiday, & hope it’s full of joy, love and laughter –

Etty, Lauren, Logan, Tara, Eimi & Margaret

What’s on SALE at 1329 Monterey?

hi folks!

I’ve just put a handful of items on sale in the store –

Liquitex GESSO – gallons – 50% off!

Winton BIG 200ml select colors $10 ea!

Fabriano Aquarello W/C Blocks – 9×12 – only $13!!!

Sennelier Oil Pastel Sticks (Individual OR Sets!!!)  30% off  MEMBERS ONLY!

Plus, we have a variety of drawing pads, drawing boards & other great stuff on our clearance table!

If you haven’t been in recently, come in & check out our increased line of GORGEOUS handmade papers! 



Sneaky “BLOGGERS-ONLY” deal! Thru Christmas Eve!

Hi, Bloggers!   You deserve a reward for following my blog!  How would you like an extra discount on ANY set in the store?

Even if it’s on sale, you’ll get an extra 10%!

If you are a member, you’ll get your regular discount PLUS 10%!

Doesn’t matter if it’s a pastel set, a paint set, a pencil set, a brush set, a marker set, a kid’s set…  get an extra 10%…..How cool is that?!!

Here’s the catchYOU HAVE TO TELL US TO GIVE YOU THE EXTRA DISCOUNT – if you don’t mention it, you won’t get it!!!!!

PS – don’t forget that we have a great selection of gorgeous wooden artist easels in stock  for the holidays – and they are 40% off ’til Christmas Eve!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Professional Wooden Easels on SALE!

Been thinking about a new easel?  Many MABEF & BEST professional wooden easels will be 40% off thru November and into December!  This includes special orders – and we encourage special orders!*

If you wish to order an easel, and have it here before the holidays, please come in and order it by mid November!  

If you want to take your easel home UNASSEMBLED & still in the box, we will give you an extra 5% off! – (Not applicable on Backpacker Easel!)

Some of the easels that are available are shown below…   For more information on other styles, please come in!*


  •    Deluxe Studio Easel  by MABEF   # MBM-06D

Retail:  $599.95    Sale Price $359.95  (Assembled)  

The Deluxe features a variable length adjustment with simple ratchet action. Made from oiled beech wood, it has a sturdy base with 4 lockable casters. Includes a storage area below the canvas ledge for tools, brushes and paints. Overall storage height is 69″ with a maximum canvas height of approximately 65″. Weighs 40 lbs. and is easy to assemble.

  •       Basic Studio Easel by MABEF  #MBM-10D  

Retail $289.95    Sale Price $173.95  (Assembled)

This beautiful oiled beech wood easel has a maximum canvas height of 47.5″. Comes in an easy-to-assemble kit. Weighs 20 lbs.

  •      Backpacker Easel by MABEF   # MBM-23

Retail:  $349.95    Sale Price $209.95 

This 10 lb. easel incorporates every accessory that a traveling painter could want, including a padded leather luggage handle and adjustable leather shoulder straps for backpacking. Includes an 11-1/2″ x 16″ folding palette and a tin-lined drawer (6″W x 16-1/2″D x 1-3/4″H) for storage. Accommodates canvases up to 33.5″.

  •       Basic Lyre Easel byMABEF    # MBM-13D

Retail:  $199.95    Sale Price $119.95  (Assembled) 

This simple but elegant & sturdy three-legged easel, crafted from stain-resistant oiled beech wood, features variable height adjustment. It has a maximum canvas height of 49″ and weighs 11 lbs.

BEST EASELS – Rebates of  up to $50 are available from the manufacturer on the following easels! 

  •       Halley Easel by BEST #880600   

Retail:  $925.00    Sale Price $555.00  (Assembled) 

Beautiful and strong, the Halley will tilt into a table for gessoing, varnishing or watercolor work. It will tilt forward for pastel artists to allow the pastel dust to fall from the work surface. Plus, the Halley has a multitude of height and tilt settings for the oil, acrylic or airbrush artist.  Max canvas height: 80″ vertical, 82″ horizontal / Base width/depth: 24″ x 27″  / Highest easel height: 84″ / Wood:  Oak / Table height: 36″ / 52 lbs.

  •  University Easel by BEST  #880400  

Retail:  $850.00    Sale Price $510.00  (Assembled) 

For painters and pastel artists, this easel offers a wide range of tilt adjustments including forward tilt of nearly 60 degrees to allow pastel dust to fall away from the surface or to reduce the glare. Many professional artists work in both oils and pastels, and this easel accommodates this by tilting forward so dust falls down, rather than into the painting. The easel was designed to shift the weight to the rear when the easel is leaning forward. This gives the easel the necessary stability required for this position. With a double laminated base and hinged joints, this easel has maximum strength. With the added middle painting tray for smaller work and optional locking casters, this easel will last you a lifetime.  Max canvas height: 84″ / Wood:  Oak /  Base width/depth: 22½” x 30″ / Painting tray: 30″ w/2 stainless solvent cups. / Lowest easel height: 75″ / Highest easel height: 120″ / 65 lbs.

  •     European Easel by BEST   #880525  

Retail:  $1150.00    Sale Price $690.00  (Assembled)

Quickly adjustable, the European easel accommodates a wondrous range of media, from watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, airbrushing and pastels. This easel offers versatility that enables it to grow with you and adjust to your changing needs. With a double laminated base and hinged joints, this easel has maximum strength. With the added middle painting tray for smaller work and optional locking casters, this easel will last you a lifetime.  Max canvas height: 84″ / Wood:  Oak / Base width/depth: 22″ x 30″ / Painting tray: 30″ w/2 stainless solvent cups. / Lowest easel height: 80″ / Highest easel height: 120″ /  76 lbs.

  •   Classic Santa Fe I Easel by BEST  #880399    

Retail:  $1095.00    Sale Price $657.00  (Assembled)

This single masted easel comes with two canvas holders and a painting tray. The middle canvas holder can be used for smaller works and the self–leveling bottom tray/palette measures 30″ wide by 7½” and features a melamine paint mixing surface with 2 large stainless steel canisters.  Max canvas height: 96″ / Wood:  Oak / Base width/depth: 24″ x 30″ / Lowest easel height: 78″ / Highest easel height: 120″ / 75 lbs

* Please note – While we do have some of these easels here at Art Central,  we will NOT be stocking all of them…some will be available ONLY by special order!   By ordering these easels on an “as-needed” basis, we are able to offer better pricing and selection than we otherwise would.   Thanks!