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A Kickstarter Art Central is proud to be a part of!

Turning pollution into Art.

How a small group of visionaries is using  this big idea to improve the world!
And Gamblin Paints is on board:

-– Gamblin Artists Colors is excited to be partnering with John Sabraw and his colleagues at Ohio University to help turn pollution into beautiful, non-toxic paint.

“The idea of turning pollution into pigment, which can live in the world for centuries within an oil painting, while having a net-positive impact on the environment is so exciting – we wanted to be part of it,” says Scott Gellatly, Gamblin Product Manager. “The idea was the first thing – but the fact that it yields such beautiful, inspiring colors is what secured our interest in partnering with John and his team.” 

“The Kickstarter campaign is the first step in Ohio University’s efforts to produce these pigments on a larger scale. Once their goal has been realized, we will be working together to make these colors more broadly available to painters, so their project can economically sustain itself in the future. We greatly appreciate the support John and his team has received from our community of painters and from independent retailers such as Art Central Art Supply.”


Art Central has contributed to this amazing program and we hope you will, too!
Take a moment to view their Kickstarter page and find out more.

A few days ago, I spoke to Scott at Gamblin, and expressed my excitement about this project.  I asked him if I could get a tube of the color to give to Libby Tolley, so that she could try it out and let me know what she thought.  She stopped by Art Central yesterday, picked it up, and painted with it today.  She called me this evening, buzzing with enthusiasm, and was happy to share her thoughts, which she then e-mailed to me.  I am attaching her letter here:

“Today I had the opportunity to try Gamblin’s Reclaimed Earth Violet.  Before I painted with it, I gave it the mixing test.  I mixed it with my palette that I use for painting on location or for studio landscape paintings. 

As an artist that chooses to paint natural light and color, I found the hue (color) to be a companion to my palette. The  Reclaimed Earth Violet is a grayed violet that can be pushed warmer or cooler and it does not take over another mineral color…   The pigment and brush ability passed my test.  If this paint becomes available I will incorporate it on my palette. 

To this end, hoping there will be new earth friendly archival colors that we as artists can choose to use, I have donated to help this research.”

Elizabeth Tolley


Gamblin Limited AMD paint + pigments


We CAN make a difference.

Attention Animal Lovers – Fundraising workshop!!!

Animal drawing workshop at Art Central!



This workshop is geared toward the ‘animal lover’ with proceeds benefitting Second Chance at Love animal rescue in Templeton.

Artist and animal lover Deborah Kyle Hintergardt will be the mentor in this pencil drawing workshop.

Quail DKH

Participants (all levels are welcome!) can expect to have their creative side wakened, their seeing abilities sharpened, and their drawing skills honed in this fun informative workshop.

 $50 fee includes instruction, materials, refreshments and fun!  Limited to 10 participants.

Tribal Elders DKH

ALL proceeds will benefit 2nd Chance at Love – Help us to support this amazing organization!

Saturday, July 26th, from 1pm to 4pm

 Let us know you are coming…   Sign up & payment in advance, please!
Phone: 805-747-4200

2nd chance at love

And – this workshop is for everybody!  Even if you don’t know which end of a pencil is up, you’ll learn, and have a great time doing it! 

STILL don’t think you are up to the challenge?   Want to support 2nd Chance anyway?  Our amazing exhibit:  “Fur, Feathers, and Fins” will be up through the end of July!  Stop by and see the incredible animal art of some of our finest local artists!  50% of all sales of this exhibit will go to 2nd Chance!